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Annual & Tender Perennials

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Annual & Tender Perennials

Capable of quick growth and floriferous long-lasting bloom, tender perennial Salvias are a don't-miss addition to an annual flowerbed. Although perennial in the warmer climates of their native lands, tender or half-hardy perennials are planted as annuals in locations where frosts and freezes are likely to occur in fall, winter and spring.

However, many gardeners in cooler climes who choose to plant tender perennials do so because they like to vary the look of their annual beds from one season to the next. One essential difference to keep in mind when growing tender perennial Salvias is that some reseed and others do not.

In our opinion, the tender perennial sages Salvia coccinea, Salvia splendens and Salvia vanhouttei put on some of the most spectacular and lengthiest shows of bloom. The last two species offer a somewhat broader color range, including purples, and are so closely related that S. vanhouttei is sometimes listed as S. splendens 'Van Houttei'.

Range of colors aside, both S. coccinea and S. splendens frequently are called Scarlet Sage. Don't confuse them, because S. coccinea reseeds. If you want to clear your annual bed and start fresh each year, S. splendens and S. vanhouttei may be best. But if you love volunteer plants, S. coccinea is the ticket. We offer all at low prices you can count on as annual bargains.


  • Salvia x 'Love and Wishes'

    (Love and Wishes Sage) Deep purple calyxes support the magenta-purple, tubular blossoms of Salvia x 'Love and Wishes'. They contrast handsomely with dark stems and mid-green foliage.


  • Salvia x 'Wendy's Wish'

    (Wendy's Wish Sage) A new hybrid Salvia from Australia, Wendy's Wish is absolutely spectacular! Quick to bloom, compact and tidy in habit, we believe this to be one of the finest of all Salvia varieties.


  • Salvia x Envy

    (Envy Hybrid Sage)  A natural hybrid found in Peru and Bolivia, the parentage of this special variety is at this point unknown.  The uniquely colored flowers are abundant all season long, and the hummingbirds love it.


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This is a healthy beautiful plant. I have already seen this one in bloom and that is why I ordered it. It is incredibly cute in bloom. I can't wait.
Mrs. Carol Moreno
Mar 30, 2017