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Asian Natives

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Asian Natives

Asia is a huge continent and home to Salvias in countries other than China and Japan. A wealth of species are found in the Himalayas, the steppes of Central Asia and the Middle Eastern lands of the Fertile Crescent, including Israel.

The sages listed here are a diverse group, and many are not well known in the general nursery trade. We encourage you to explore these gems of the plant world.


  • Salvia x 'Mellow Yellow'

    (Mellow Yellow Sage) Yellow-flowering Salvias always command attention in the garden.   An intentional hybrid between the very rare and difficult to grow Salvia bulleyana and the energetic Salvia campanulata, this plant embodies the best characteristics of each parent.


  • Salvia yunnanensis

    (Yunnan Sage or yun nan shu wei cao) Yunnan Sage's tall spikes of violet-to-purple flowers bloom from summer into fall. Native to Southwestern China's provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, it grows on shady, grassy hillsides and along forest margins at elevations up to 9,500 feet.


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Plant is doing well but not yet the showy plant described. Providing great late summer color and survived a week of 100+ temps without any attention.
Ms. linda allen
Sep 7, 2017