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Dendrobium kingianum 'Elk #1

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Dendrobium kingianum 'Elk #1 New!

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(Pink Rock Orchid) Light pink flowers with a dark pink lip, often ten or more on an inflorescence. Better than ‘Ruth’ in my opinion. Cane size is mid-way between our 'Elk White' and 'Paul'. Foliage is very dark green and heavy.

I suspect this clone to be a chance tetraploid. It is the best of a large lot of seedlings raised from a flask secured in Australia many years ago. It grows slowly, but is very hardy and eventually makes very large plants. We have a 12" by 36" tree fern slab covered with this clone at one end of a greenhouse.

Needs to be kept moist, except during its winter dormancy. We grow in rock or mounted on tree fern.

These are large plants in 3 /12" clay pots. Please inquire for specimens.


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Common name  
Pink Rock Orchid
USDA Zones  
9 - 11
Size (h/w/fh)  
Partial to full shade
Soil type  
Lithophytic mix
Water needs  
Water loving
Pot size  
3 1/2 inch clay pot
Container plant?  
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Full shade
Full shade
Partial shade
Partial shade

Garden Uses

Container plant
Container plant
Indoor plant
Indoor plant

Growing Habit

10 inches tall
10 inches tall
12 inches wide
12 inches wide

Water Needs

Water loving
Water loving

Blooming Season

Spring blooming
Spring blooming
Winter blooming
Winter blooming
  • Dendrobium x delicatum 'Elk #1'

    Dendrobium x delicatum is a natural hybrid, the result of crossing D. kingianum with D. speciosum. Flowers by the Sea has grown 'Elk #1,' a family heirloom, for decades in environments as diverse as full sun on rocks on the California coast to hollow stumps to garden beds to tree fern slabs. When grown in flowerpots, it forms large clumps that display multiple sprays of light pink, fragrant flowers, usually twice a year. This makes a grand specimen in a few years.

    This clone has thick 9- to12-inch canes that expand and contract as the moisture conditions change. It grows much taller and darker green in lower light conditions, but produces fewer blossoms.

    D. kingianum is widely accepted as the easiest to grow and most adaptable of all Australia's native Dendrobiums.

    Flowers by the Sea offers well established plants in clay pots. 'Elk #1 showcases any garden, patio, sunroom or greenhouse. In addition, keikis are usually available for patient Dendrobium enthusiasts.

    Dendrobium Care Guide



  • Dendrobium kingianum var. album 'Elk White'

    (White Rock Orchid) This clone is the result of a selfing of the very fine ‘Bay Islands’ clone. It is a very small cane, generally less than 3 inches high and very fat. A miniature delight! Small, pure white heavy textured flowers are presented on short stems. The foliage is light green – this is a true album. It is my personal favorite for tree fern baskets or slabs.

    Needs to be kept quite moist.  We grow in rock and in less light than most kingianum clones.

    These plants have 5 - 9 canes and are overflowing their 3" clay pots.  Very nice plants, indeed.  Many are beginning to show the first flower spikes of the year.

    We also have a few specimen plants available - please inquire.



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