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Easy to Grow Plants

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Easy to Grow Plants

The plants that we identify as easy are particularly adaptable to a broad range of growing conditions. Perhaps you live in a region where temperatures swing from from frigid winters to scorching summers. We have no-fuss Salvias and companion plants to meet your climate.

Possibly, the moisture level in your area can only be described as "not!" Or maybe you live where summers are predictably dry and winters are wet, or vice versa. We have undemanding beauties for you.

Whether you are looking for plants that can handle exposure from full sun to partial shade or that adjust from weak to rich soils, our no-fuss Salvias and companion plants are ready to perform reliably.


  • Sinningia 'Shelby'

    (Shelby Hardy Gloxinia) Shelby's long, tubular, creamy pink flowers dangle from apple green, leaf-like calyxes. Fuzzy red petioles connect the flowers to deep red stems rising above slightly furry, soft green leaves. This Suncrest Nurseries hybrid of South American gloxinias can handle a bit of winter chill.


  • Sinningia sellovii 'Pink & Yellow'

    (Hardy Pink & Yellow Gloxinia) This color form is rarely seen in Sinningia sellovii, which is a Brazilian species that tolerates heat and lures hummingbirds.


  • Stachys albotomentosa

    (Hidalgo or 7-UP Plant) I love to ask people what the smell of these leaves remind them of. Almost no one gets it on the first try, but when I say, "7 UP", their eyes light up, heads nod and the resounding answer is, "Yes!"


  • Texas Drought Action Pack

    Texas Drought Action Pack

    (Texas Drought Action Pack) The drought in Texas has become a real challenge to gardeners. We want to help.

    This package consists of Salvias, Agastache, Kniphofia, Asclepias and other wildlife-friendly & drought resistant plants that will grow, bloom and be happy in dry gardens. Many are Texas natives. We will personally select three each of four different plants, taking into account your particular location.

    160.00 save 13%

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Plant is doing well but not yet the showy plant described. Providing great late summer color and survived a week of 100+ temps without any attention.
Ms. linda allen
Sep 7, 2017