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Salvia Small Talk: A Bodacious Butterfly Name

Jan 28, 2013

Salvia Small Talk: A Bodacious Butterfly Name
Sometimes the smallest of creatures have the longest of names. That is the case with the elegant yellow and black Two-tailed Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio multicaudata), which visits many sites from South America to Canada. It was known to the Aztecs as Xochiquetzalpapalotl. In Germany, it is commonly known as Vielgeschwänzter Schwalbenschwanz. In France, its common name is Machaon de tigre filé de jumeau. Swallowtails love flower nectar. You may find yourself feeding this beauty with the bodaciously long names if you plant lots of nectar-rich Lilac, Milkweed and Salvia – the kind with shallow-throated blossoms – as well as hop tree (Ptelea) and chokecherry (Prunus) for its caterpillars.


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