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Hummingbirds in the Garden
As hummingbirds whir from flower to flower, they are a source of delight to the gardener's eye and ear. However, their role in the garden is far greater than putting on a show of aerobatic daring. Hummingbirds help insure plant fertility through their accidental work as pollinators each time they take a drink of nectar from tubular flowers, such as those of Salvias. In our blog, you'll find reports about:


  • How to plant wildlife habitat to attract hummingbirds
  • How to be a citizen scientist and help track hummingbird migration
  • Causes of migration problems
  • Proper care of hummingbird feeders
  • What kinds of Salvias are hummingbird favorites and
  • Hummingbird research.

If you are a hummingbird gardener and would like to suggest a topic for us to cover in our Everything Salvias blog, please write or call.

Fall Planting: 10 Top Butterfly and Hummingbird Favorites

Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2013
Synopsis: Flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds favor are rich sources of nectar. But not all nectar-rich butterfly favorites are easy to access with long hummingbird beaks. Conversely, many flowers designed by nature to attract hummingbirds don't have the structure necessary for feeding butterflies or providing a perch. Here are ten Salvias and companion plants for backyard wildlife habitat that both butterflies and hummingbirds will enjoy.

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Hummingbirds in the Garden: Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2013

Planting a hummingbird garden filled with nectar-rich, long-blooming Salvias aids preservation of hummingbird species that migrate each year throughout North America. It also gives you a front-row seat to a fascinating aerobatics show. Backyard islands of colorful sages are like gas stations for hummingbirds' long-distance journeys. Salvias can keep your garden whirring with the helicopter-like flight of hummingbirds from spring through autumn and -- in warm climates -- into winter.

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Seeing Red and Loving It: Hummingbirds and Salvia microphylla

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Synopsis: As with so many aspects of life, the hummingbird-Salvia relationship is circular. It is difficult to have one without the other. Unfortunately, many species of hummingbirds are threatened or endangered. By planting Mountain Sage, you invite hummingbirds into your garden, expand their habitat and ensure pollination for abundant blossoming.

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