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Limited Available Plants

Limited Availability Plants

This plant has limited seasonal availability

Availability of some FBTS plants is limited. We restrict accessibility based on demand and planting seasons.

If demand is low for a particular species, then, instead of removing it from our catalog, we limit its availability to a particular period of time. This conserves our growing space for other plants that are in greater demand. It also avoids wasting natural resources by overproducing low-demand plants or trying to maintain them beyond their optimal sale date.

Growth cycles affect decisions about when and how much to limit availability of certain plants. For example, annuals and tender perennials -- the ones that are only perennial in the warmest part of their ranges -- are only available shortly before or at the beginning of their growing season.

We don't ship dormant stock or plants that are past their prime. If a plant's growth cycle is such that it should only be planted within a brief time period, we limit its production period so that it is available for sale during that time.

You can link to a list of our limited-availability plants by clicking on the Special Groups section in the green Plant Categories index on most pages of our website.

When a plant is offered on a restricted basis, a Limited Availability Icon will appear on the opening page of its description. Type appearing beneath this icon will indicate the period in which the plant is for sale. It may say:

  • Available March only
  • Available March to June
  • Available March to June and September or
  • Available March to June and September to November.

Please note that the specific time periods will be different for each plant: these are just examples to explain the system.

All of these time periods are based on the planting times for specific plants. The first two concern species that are generally planted in spring or early summer.

The second two time periods indicate that this plant is available for parts of both spring and fall planting seasons.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this policy may cause. However, we think it is environmentally and financially sound as well as considerate of customer needs.

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Take a Quick Look at a group of Salvias
Take a Quick Look at a group of Salvias
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This plant blooms continuously from Spring to Fall. It is an easy plant to grow and propagate. Every garden should have this plant. Don't know what utahxericman did, but I have had no problem growing this plant and have been greatly rewarded by...
David Holland
Nov 19, 2017