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Bold colors come to mind for many gardeners when thinking of Salvias. Yet many species in the genus flower in soft and soothing pastels, including solids and bicolors.

If French impressionist painter Claude Monet -- known for hazy pastels of his gardens at Giverny -- were alive and gardening today, he might sigh over the increasingly lavish palette of pastels among Salvias. At Flowers by the Sea, we offer a broad array. These choices include:

  • Lavenders, pale blues, roses and yellows of native species from California, Texas and the Southwest that are hummingbird magnets.
  • Pale pinks and lavenders of European Culinary Sages
  • Elaborate, confection-like combinations of blossoms and bracts among the Turkish Sages
  • Jame Sage hybrids ( Salvia x jamensis spp.), such as the many pastels in the new Flowers by the Sea series of Elk Rainbow Sages and
  • Exotic, rusty roses and dusky blues from South Africa.

From peachy, water-loving annuals that are perfect for USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 11 in Florida to drought-resistant, chilly blues that can withstand Zone 5 winters, we have attractive pastels for many climates and types of gardens.

You'll find a wide range of sizes from short groundcovers that spread mightily to tall shrubs ideal for accenting entryways.

If you would appreciate help in searching our catalog, please feel free to call or write to us. We want to help you feel the same way that Monet did about his garden being his “most beautiful masterpiece.”


  • Salvia x jamensis 'Yellow Pink'

    (Yellow Pink Hybrid Jame Sage) Dusty pink with pale yellow throats, the bicolor pastels of this Salvia x jamensis are especially charming up close. 'Yellow Pink' is a compact sage with tiny, smooth foliage.


  • Salvia yunnanensis

    (Yunnan Sage or yun nan shu wei cao) Yunnan Sage's tall spikes of violet-to-purple flowers bloom from summer into fall. Native to Southwestern China's provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, it grows on shady, grassy hillsides and along forest margins at elevations up to 9,500 feet.


  • Stachys albotomentosa

    (Hidalgo or 7-UP Plant) I love to ask people what the smell of these leaves remind them of. Almost no one gets it on the first try, but when I say, "7 UP", their eyes light up, heads nod and the resounding answer is, "Yes!"


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Plant is doing well but not yet the showy plant described. Providing great late summer color and survived a week of 100+ temps without any attention.
Ms. linda allen
Sep 7, 2017