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Our minimum order is $10.00.

We ship plants throughout the United States, including Arizona, California and Hawaii.

To minimize your delivery costs, we suggest larger orders. Flowers by the Sea uses a customized shipping-charge system in which the cost of delivery increases slightly as the size of the order increases. For example, if you had shipped one plant to San Francisco on March 13, 2013, the delivery fees would have been $13.20 whereas adding two more plants would have only cost $13.43 for shipping.

Delivery Choices. We don't make money on shipping. Transportation costs soared in the last two years, but we have negotiated excellent rates and pass on 100% of those savings to you.

We chose our shipping company not only because its rates are fair but also due to its reliable, careful service. We think that everyone wins with our customized shipping-charge system in which your delivery charges are based on how far away you live from FBTS and how many plants you purchase.

Pre-ordered items are plants we have in production but not ready to ship at this time. By ordering now, you can make sure you will get exactly the plants you want when you want them. Some of the more unusual and rare varieties we grow sell out very rapidly.

Unless you instruct otherwise, we will hold your order until the pre-ordered items are available, then send everything in one shipment. If you would like us to send what is available now immediately, please tell us so in the notes section of your order.

Realize that split orders will incur increased shipping costs, which we will bill at the time we ship.

Please tell us in the Customer Notes section as you checkout if you wish your entire order to be shipped when the pre-ordered items are available, of if you want the in-stock items immediately. We are happy to split your order, but it will result in additional shipping charges.

Rate Structure. Customized rates are more equitable than increasing plant prices -- something that is common among companies using a flat-rate system. Plus your shipping expense decreases when you wait to place a multiple order instead of ordering plants one at a time. In fact, it is difficult to order plants one at a time due to our minimum order being $10, which is more than most of our individual plants cost.

Plants, Not Cuttings. We don't sell cuttings. We send you plants that are well established and garden ready in 3.5-inch containers. They are large enough for safe packing and shipping in sturdy cardboard boxes. Our shipping fees are a good value due to careful packing that preserves the quality of our plants, your ability to track shipments and the minimal incremental charges for delivery of multiple plants.

With the exception of bulbs and some orchids, all plants are shipped in their growing containers.

Schedule We ship plants throughout the year, weather permitting. Our busy times are in spring and fall. Shipping occurs on Monday and Tuesday only, which allows us to avoid weekend delays in delivery and ensures that your plants arrive as fresh as possible. For the same reason, we generally don't ship during weeks that have Federal holidays. All orders received by Saturday usually are shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday. Orders made on Sunday are shipped the following week.

We will not ship during very hot or cold weather, unless you specifically state otherwise.

Instructions Please read carefully the shipping instructions in the Shopping Cart when placing your order. For more detailed information about ordering please read our blog post Buying Salvias Online from FBTS: How to Order & What to Expect.

For more information about what to do when your plants arrive, please read Buying Salvias Online from FBTS: Unpacking & Planting. Immediately after your order ships, you will receive a detailed instructional email titled 'Unpacking, Planting and Unconditional Satisfaction.'

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about shipping.