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South American Natives

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South American Natives

Most of the Salvia species and varieties in the general nursery trade are from Mexico or the United States. Some of the Mexican species also are native to South America. However, the southern Western Hemisphere, similar to Mexico, is a land of varying climates. This makes South American species more adaptable to many parts of America.

Some South American species are well known in American gardens, including varieties of the ever-popular Salvia splendens. We offer some of the more dramatic and less common types. South America is also a source of exotic and high-altitude species. 


  • Salvia uliginosa ‘Ballon Azul’

    (Dwarf Bog Sage) Intense sky blue flowers with white beelines are set against mid-green foliage in this dwarf Bog Sage that is about half as tall and wide as its parent species when in bloom.


  • Salvia x 'Big Swing'

    (Big Swing Sage) With its large, cobalt blue flowers displayed on strong, wiry, branched stems, this eye-catching sage wins the FBTS "best of class" designation for being our top Salvia macrophylla.


  • Salvia x Envy

    (Envy Hybrid Sage)  A natural hybrid found in Peru and Bolivia, the parentage of this special variety is at this point unknown.  The uniquely colored flowers are abundant all season long, and the hummingbirds love it.


  • Salvia x guaranitica 'Purple Majesty'

    (Purple Majesty Sage) This exceedingly long blooming herbaceous perennial is a cross between Salvia guaranitica spp (Anise-Scented Sage) and Salvia gesneriiflora (Mexican Scarlet Sage).

    We highly recommend the much improved Salvia guaranitica 'Purple Haze' as an alternative to this older variety.


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Plant is doing well but not yet the showy plant described. Providing great late summer color and survived a week of 100+ temps without any attention.
Ms. linda allen
Sep 7, 2017