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Variegated Salvias

Variegated Salvias

Variegated plants are easy to like. They are dramatic additions to almost any garden, and inevitably draw the eye of visitors. For a comprehensive discussion of variegation in plants, see this article in Wikipedia.

The list of variegated Salvias is a short one, but contains some of our very favorite varieties.  Here you will find all of the ones we grow.


  • Salvia glabrescens 'Shi Ho'

    (Makino) We would grow this rare clone of the woodland Japanese native Salvia glabrescens even if it never flowered, because the arrow-shaped foliage is so lush, toothed and colorful. As they age, the arrow-shaped leaves transform from yellowish green to dark green.


  • Salvia guaranitica 'Omaha Gold'

    (Variegated Anise-Scented Sage) Rumpled and lance-shaped, the spectacular leaves of this sage are yellowish-lime with splotches of emerald. Rub them and you smell anise, a licorice-like scent. The bountiful, cobalt blue flowers cover the plant from summer into fall.

  • Salvia mexicana 'Kelsi'

    (Variegated Mexican Sage) Although its deep violet flowers are compelling, it is the foliage of this sage that is its greatest attraction. Kelsi is full of surprises, including asymmetrical leaves that make this variety easy to identify.

  • Salvia microphylla 'Variegata'

    (Variegated Mirto de Montes Sage) Over the years, we have seen a number of variegated varieties of Mountain Sage. None have been as lovely and sturdy as this one, from botanist Brent Barnes of the University of California at Riverside.


  • Salvia nipponica 'Fuji Snow'

    (Variegated Japanese Woodland Sage) Irregular white margins surrounding deep green make the triangular leaves of this fine Japanese forest sage lighten the shade. In fall, pale yellow flowers add to the standout effect.

  • Salvia splendens 'Variegated Mauve'

    (Variegated Mauve Scarlet Sage) Pale mauve flowers and mid-green leaves that are lightly polka dotted with yellow variegations make Salvia splendens 'Variegated Mauve' an unusual Scarlet Sage.


  • Salvia splendens van houttei 'Dancing Flame'

    (Variegated Scarlet Sage) Crimson flowers topping bright yellow foliage mottled with deep green make this one of the most spectacular Salvias we grow. There are numerous clones of this variety throughout the U.S. nursery trade, but we consider ours to be the best, as it originated in our nursery.


  • Salvia splendens ‘Elk Purple Mardi Gras'

    (Elk Purple Mardi Gras Variegated Scarlet Sage) We discovered Elk Purple Mardi Gras as a sport on one of our Sao Borja Scarlet Sages (Salvia splendens 'Sao Borja'). A sport is part of a plant that physically looks different than the rest of the plant.



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The plant arrived healthy and responded beautifully to my 1st experience at "hardening" and preparing for potting. I kept the plant in the pot for a few months and now it is in the garden bed and doing wonderfully. Many thanks from a novice gard...
Ms. Nora O'Neill
Aug 4, 2015