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What our Salvias look like

Apr 26, 2012

What our Salvias look like

We at Flowers by the Sea are gardeners. We share the same love of plants that our customers do.  Just think of us as "professional" plant nerds.

So we put a great deal of attention into our growing. We keep records, follow schedules and do some old fashioned things now somewhat rare in modern, cut-costs-no-matter-what nurseries.

For one thing, we pinch. Pinching a newly rooted cutting creates a branched plant, the sort of plant you would select out of a group given the chance. In some cases we pinch twice, to make for a truly well branched plant.

Here is the difference:

Pinched 3 1/2nch deep pot This is a Salvia guarantica 'Omaha Gold', after the first pinch. We generally pinch these twice to give a nice, bushy plant.
Unpinhed Here is an unpinched example. We do not ship plants like this

After many years of experimentation, we now use a 3 1/2 inch square by 4 inch deep perennial pot for almost all of our plants.  This size allows us to grow an appropriately sized plant for you - but keeps the weight down for shipping.  We regularly get phone calls and emails from our customers who are happily surprised at the size and vigor of the plants they have received. Generall, the plants we ship are 6 to 18 inches tall, depending of course on the particular species.

It takes a great deal more time and attention to produce plants like these. But they will grow well. So for us, its worth the effort. We believe this is what "value" is all about. Please let us know what you think.

A view of a bench of plants ready to ship.

Here is a picture of a bench of our stock, ready to ship.


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