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Ask Mr. Sage: Why Cheap Shipping Is No Bargain

First posted on Mar 23, 2020

Ask Mr. Sage: Why Cheap Shipping Is No Bargain

Dear Mr. Sage,
Another online nursery where I buy flowers is offering unlimited shipping for $5.95 per order no matter how many plants are in the box. Why doesn’t Flowers by the Sea do this?

Frugal Shopper

Dear Frugal Shopper,
The short answer is that it has to do with our brand. At Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery, we are known for quality and deep specialization as growers of Salvias and companion plants from around the world.

Shipping charges are expensive. All online plant nurseries have to pass these costs on to customers in some way. In the guise of providing free or bargain shipping rates, some companies cut their investment in product. For example, they may deliver immature plants and severely cut back foliage to crowd plants into a box. Please read Ask Mr. Sage: Do You Offer Free Shipping? to understand our shipping charges better.

FBTS saves you money — and speeds up plant growth in your garden — by delivering the largest, best-developed, most well-rooted plants possible at minimal mark-up. We are efficient packers yet give plants room to breathe while boxed. The sturdy packing materials we use prevent damage to plants and keep them moist during shipping.  The only thing we don’t provide is a fake deal on the cost of delivery.

Thanks for your question,
Mr. Sage


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