Cool Growing Orchids
Cool Growing Orchids

Mysterious, romantic and sometimes surreal, orchids are the most highly developed plants. They also have a reputation for being difficult, and some are. However, the ones we grow are reliable, sturdy, lovely and a perfect fit for patios as well as windowsills and greenhouses.

When most people think of orchids, steamy jungles or greenhouses come to mind. Although numerous orchid species are tropical, there are also many that grow in the temperatures of a home or a patio in a cooler, northern climate. They include Australian Dendrobiums and Masdevallias.

Flowers by the Sea specializes in growing these spectacular-looking orchids, which thrive in cooler settings and on summer patios. You don't need a greenhouse that is expensive to heat in order to grow them. Our orchids are natural looking, tough and pest resistant.

Although our selection is small, we are proud of the excellent plants we grow. All are fine clones that have been raised with care and are easy to grow if you provide a humid environment.

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