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Elk Rainbow Sage Picture Gallery

Add Jame Sages to your list of the best long blooming perennials for drought and heat tolerance. When most Salvia gardeners think about Salvia x jamensis, they visualize pastels. However, varieties are rapidly expanding to contain a broader range of colors from soft to intense and bright.

An example is our FBTS series of Elk Rainbow Sages, which include bright solids, soft pastels and glowing bicolors in blues, pinks, purples, oranges, reds, yellows and whites. The colors of these hybrid members of the Autumn and Mountain Sage Group (S. greggii and S. microphylla spp.) depend on the Salvias that crossed to create them.

Elk Rainbow Jame Sages are ideal plants for dry gardens that receive little supplemental watering. They are native to the American Southwest and Mexico. Pollinators love them, so they are excellent choices for wildlife garden design.