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Three VIBES Bloom Long & Bountifully

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Three VIBES Bloom Long & Bountifully

Meet a colorful trio of fuchsia, purple, and pure white Salvias that form colorful, sunny borders and cheerful container plantings. They are the Three VIBEs:

We developed these bountifully flowering, waterwise Jame Sages through our breeding program at Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery. Some of you may have already enjoyed Ignition Purple in your gardens. It was our first introduction in the series and, in 2015, won a top performer rating as a pollinator perennial from trial garden managers nationwide who were surveyed by Greenhouse Magazine.

The VIBEs have small, attractively glossy mid-green foliage. They bloom bountifully from spring to fall, which makes them a reliable source of nectar for pollinators throughout the growing season. Hummingbirds give them plentiful buzz.

You can plant the VIBES as fast-growing annuals in climates where winters are chilly or as perennials in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7 or warmer areas. Trimming their spent flowers aids repeat bloom and maintenance of a pleasingly compact, rounded look. All three plants reach up to 24 inches tall and wide in bloom.

Due to their overall rapid growth, VIBE Salvias root well quickly. Once established, they tolerate heat as well as drought. That said, they enjoy and thrive with regular watering.

In addition to ordering the VIBEs directly from our nursery, you may encounter them in garden centers nationwide due to their distribution by our representative, Plant Haven International. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Three VIBEs and other FBTS favorites for small wildlife gardening.

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