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Garden Kits

Garden Kits from Flowers by the Sea are small, attractive groupings of compatible plants that share similar needs for soil type, sun exposure, and amount of watering. From balcony container gardens to in-ground flowerbeds, our pre-planned kits provide what you need for your growing conditions. And each kit saves you money on regular per-plant prices.

Full Sun Container Garden

“Full sun” refers to parts of your yard where plants receive at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Although the choices here prefer lots of sun, they tolerate partial shade in very warm climates.

Full Shade Container Garden

Full shade locations provide no direct sunlight during the day. They are low lit but not dark. Except in very warm areas, our full shade selections may also be grown in partial shade.

Partial Shade Container Garden

Partial shade is dappled sunlight that occurs under shade trees and structures, such as pergolas, that allow some direct sunlight. These plants also tolerate full sun in areas where temperatures are mild.

Easy Tropical Sage Hummingbird Garden

From spring to fall, Tropical Sage (Salvia coccinea) produces abundant nectar that attracts hummingbirds. The selections in our kit range from short to tall and blossom in varying colors. Grow them as annuals in cold-winter areas and as tender perennials in USDA Zones 9 to 11.

Hummingbird Red Salvias Sun Garden

Hummingbirds love this red-ilicious garden kit containing sages for sunny gardens in USDA Zone 6. It mixes perennials that are native to the Southwest, Texas, and Mexico but adaptable to many areas with moderate winter temperatures.

Three Wishes Garden

The Wishes are three closely related Australian hybrid Salvias that are colorful, bloom abundantly, and are ideal for containers or in-ground planting. They’re perennial to USDA Zone 9 and fine annuals elsewhere. Hummingbirds love these sages, which adapt to locations ranging from full sun in cool climates to partial shade everywhere.

Rainbow Sage Color Collection

You'll get a rainbow R A I N B O W of color with the Rainbow Sage Color Collection. All 15 of our select varieties for one low price.

All of the Elk Rainbow Sages are easy to grow and especially enticing to visiting hummingbirds.

David Verity Hummingbird Starter Pack


Almost Red, White and Blue Hellstrip

Choose a grouping of drought-resistant red, white, and blue plants from the American Southwest, Mexico, and South Africa that are perennial in USDA Zone 8. They attract pollinators with plentiful nectar.

Curbside Zen Zone Hellstrip

Zen out with easy-care Salvia and Agastache plants that require little worry or water to look beautiful. These colorful yet tough plants are perennial to USDA Zone 5.

Hot But Cool Hellstrip

Do popsicles melt in hellstrip gardens? Not if they’re Popsicle Kniphofia -- dwarf Hot Poker plants that look like frozen treats. Add the icy blue flowers of Yugoslavian Cut Leaf Sage (Salvia jurisicii) for a combo of hot and cool colors perennial to USDA Zone 6.

How-Dry-I-Am Hellstrip

This hellstrip mix earns our blue ribbon for drought resistance and intense blueness from lavender and sky blue to purple. It looks cool, but is made for heat in USDA Zone 9 where the plants are perennials.

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