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Mountain, Autumn & Jame Sage Sale
Mountain, Autumn & Jame Sage Sale
Now is a great time to save on some of the finest plants for gardens in warm climates.  

We have a large number of really beautiful Mountain, Autumn & Jame Sage plants, ready to thrive in your garden. Our shipping season is coming to a close, and this is THE best time of year to plant these in many parts of the country.

Save 30% and plant now for a head start on 2020.

    30% off all Salvia microphylla, Salvia greggii and Salvia x jamensis varieties

    These are not leftovers, end-of-season or last of the lot plants but rather ones we have grown for sale this fall. The quality of this stock is very high now, and we know you will be happy with everything you receive. Don’t delay – some of the most popular ones are sure to sell out soon.

    Please note: We can only hold plants in your cart for 60 minutes during this sale, to be fair to all.  So please check out in a timely fashion to insure you get exactly what you want.

    All other Terms & Conditions apply. Limited to stock on hand. For shipping in October only. Expires October 31, 2019.

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    Savings and free products will be reflected in your cart items and subtotals when all offer requirements are met. If you remove any of the qualifying items from your cart or cancel all or part of your order, you will not receive the promotional savings or free items. All offers subject to change.
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