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Red Hot Poker Picture Gallery

The bright, nectar-filled spikes of Kniphofia plants are among the best flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. Native to Africa and also called Red Hot Poker Plants, these easy grow perennials have red, orange and yellow blossoms shaped like torches. In fact, torch lily is another common name.

Kniphofia have tube-like blossoms that appear in late spring on tall spikes emerging from thick grassy foliage. Many varieties demonstrate short day photoperiodism, which means they develop flowers after receiving a specific number of night hours. However, the Red Hot Poker plants that FBTS sells are day neutral and bloom throughout the growing season. Their flowers last up to 6 weeks. Bloomtime may extend up to 6 months as long as the weather stays warm.

Kniphofia love hot weather, which makes them ideal for that difficult space along the garage or side yard where other plants droop from the summer sun.