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Autumn Sage Picture Gallery

Despite being called an Autumn Sage plant, Salvia greggii begins flowering in early summer, then continues blooming abundantly through autumn. It is an excellent choice for drought tolerant garden design and can handle heat well. Although Salvia greggii appreciates a bit of shade in extremely hot climates, it is accustomed open locations in full sun.

Salvia greggii are low maintenance subshrubs -- flowering perennial shrubs that combine woody growth with soft herbaceous foliage. They need well-drained soil and deep watering once a week if heat and drought are intense. During winter in areas with freezing temperatures, mulch them with a heavy blanket of leaves. Lots of Autumn Sages are hardy to 10 degrees F or less, and some survive the frigid chill of USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 5.

You can encourage profuse, repeated bloom and avoid overly woody growth and lankiness if you trim Salvia greggii back to about a third of its height at the end of winter, spring and summer.