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Salvia Links
We encourage you to explore our Flowers by the Sea website in a number of ways to gain valuable information about hundreds of Salvias and companion plants.

Accessing the FBTS Website

Here are some tools for finding what you need. Our website offers:

  • A Plant Index -- the green sidebar on every page -- groups our plants in a number of ways. These categories range from an A-to-Z listing of the plants we sell to smaller groupings, such as lists of butterfly and hummingbird favorites. It includes categories focused on plant colors, USDA Cold Hardiness Zones and -- in the Salvias by Origin category -- 11 groupings of native species for varying states and countries.
  • A list of Product Filters appears under the index when you open an index category or enter phrases in the Search Bar. These filters help you sort choices based on plant attributes, such as size and sun requirements.
  • Detailed Plant Descriptions assist you in making choices.
  • Our Everything Salvias Blog contains dozens of informative articles about sages and companion plants. Just click the blog button at the top right of any page. A list of Special Topics allows you to quickly search the content, which includes tips (Quick Digs), videos (Views from the Garden) and in-depth articles about subjects such as drought tolerance (Xeric Choices).
  • Blog Archive listings of stories referring to a specific species appear at the bottom of the page when you do a simple search by plant name via the search bar.
  • And the following list of Favorite Links to websites that we enjoy and find useful.

Website Links

Horticultural Salvia Websites
The Salvia genus contains about 900 species distributed around the world. So you'll find international websites, in Spanish as well as English, among these websites dedicated to the genus. The first website offers a window on South American Salvias. Cabrillo College has the leading collection of Salvias in American academia. Robin Middleton's site offers an extensive photo gallery of the genus. The Salvia Study Group is an Australian organization of gardeners who specialize in sages. One valuable service they provide is clarification of plant scientific names. Finally, Australian Sue Templeton is a leading Salvia expert.

Garden Forums
Experienced gardeners have a wealth of information to share. It's our experience that garden forums are invaluable for learning through shared experience. Here are some of our favorites.

Governmental Websites
Among the U.S. and international governmental websites we access, these are two of the most important.

Botanical Gardens
Hundreds of botanical gardens exist across America. They are beautiful places to visit, invaluable sources of information and education and, often, important partners in plant testing. The first link here is, itself, a list of links to North American botanical gardens and arboretums. The others are favorites and resources we have found helpful in our research.

Small Wildlife
We access many websites about wildlife for our Everything Salvias blog. These are some particularly helpful sites. The first one contains a list of links to information about butterflies and butterfly gardening.

Endangered Species
When researching the complex issues of plant and animal endangerment, these are a few helpful sites to which we refer.

Other Great Resources
Here are some additional authoritative resources that we highly value. The first link regards an international project aimed at developing a list of all known plant species in the world, which is helpful when you work with such a large genus for which there is no formal registry for scientific names. Seedhunt was a major participant in organizing two Salvia Summit events. The Scottish Rock Garden Club is world renowned for its work with the genus. The last link provides great information about Native American herbal medicines, a number of which are based on Salvias.

Passionate Garden Blogs

We appreciate the great photographs, professional experience and vibrant, passionate writing about gardening that many garden blogs offer. Here are some fine ones, including Prairie Break, which is written by Denver Botanic Gardens Senior Curator Panayoti Kelaidis.


If you would like to suggest a website for us to add to our links, please write or call us. We'll take a look.