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Sinningia sellovii 'Pink & Yellow'

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(Hardy Pink & Yellow Gloxinia) This color form is rarely seen in Sinningia sellovii, which is a Brazilian species that tolerates heat and lures hummingbirds.

Common name
This is the non-scientific name used for a plant. A plant may have several common names, depending on the gardener's location. To further confuse the matter, a common name may be shared by several completely different plants. At Flowers by the Sea, we rely on the scientific name to identify our plants and avoid confusion.
Pink & Yellow Hardy Gloxinia
USDA Zones
The U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones indicate the temperature zones where a plant is likely to thrive. It is determined by the average annual winter minimum temperature. Actual winter temperatures may be higher or lower than the average.
8 - 11
Size (h/w/fh)
The anticipated mature size of the plant: Height, Width & Flower Height.
This is the average amount of sunlight that a plant needs to thrive. Generally, full sun exposure is 6 or more hours of direct sun daily while partial shade is less than 4 hours of sun or dappled shade all day. Plants may tolerate more sunlight in cooler climates and need afternoon shade in extremely hot climates.
Full sun to partial shade
Soil type
This is the kind of soil that a plant needs to thrive. Most plants require a well-drained soil that allows the water to soak into the soil without becoming soggy. Sandy and clay soils can be improved by digging in compost to improve drainage.
Rich and well drained
Water needs
Plants have specific water requirements. Water loving means the plant needs regular watering to keep the soil moist. Average generally indicates applying 1 inch of water per week, or watering when the soil is dry to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. One inch of water is equal to 5 gallons per square yard of soil surface.
Pot size
This is the size of the pot your plant will arrive in. All will be well rooted & branched and ready to grow when planted. Our STANDARD pot is 3 1/2 inches across and 4 inches deep and have a volume of 1.0 pints or 473 ml.
Container plant?
"Yes" indicates that this plant can be successfully grown as a container plant.
Hummingbird plant?
Hummingbirds have been observed regularly feeding from this plant's flowers.
Mature height
The mature height of this plant in average conditions.
1 to 2 feet
Mature spread
The mature width of this plant in average conditions.
1 to 2 feet
Degree of Difficulty
Degree of Difficulty
This plant is easy to grow in a variety of conditions.
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(Hardy Pink & Yellow Gloxinia) This color form is rarely seen in Sinningia sellovii, which is a Brazilian species that tolerates heat and lures hummingbirds.

Sinningia sellovii 'Pink & Yellow' is a relatively cold hardy variety with bountiful, tube-shaped blossoms somewhat similar in appearance to the flowers of Cupheas. The flowers are a deep rosy-pink, with yellow markings on the inside.

The blossoms are pleasingly fuzzy whereas the dark green, veined, elliptical leaves are mostly smooth with slight pitting and fine eyelash hairs on their edges. 

The Sinningia genus is named for German botanist Wilhelm Sinning (1792-1874) of Bonn's Friedrich-Wilhelms University Botanic Garden. Sinning hybridized the species in the 19th century.

Sinningias once were considered part of the Gloxinia genus. When their classification changed, people continued referring to them as Gloxinias.

Hardy Pink & Yellow Gloxinia is a petite perennial with a tuberous root. It prefers rich, well-drained soil and locations with full sun to partial shade. It's a member of the Gesneriad family (Gesneriaceae), which is probably best known for African violets (Saintpaulia genus). 

Note: These are seedlings, and may vary in flower color from the photographs.