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Terms & Conditions

Our Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee

All plants are guaranteed to arrive at your home in excellent condition and clearly labeled. In addition, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with these plants. We know you will love our quality, so we guarantee it!

We ship well-rooted stock in the container size listed for each plant in our catalog. Occasionally we will cut a plant back to facilitate shipping, but hey -- we're gardeners, so we'll do a thoughtful job of it. We are very careful about not sending you weeds or pests! If your plants do not arrive in excellent condition, please contact us immediately via email or telephone. You can choose to have either a refund or credit on a future order.

Our goal is to make you happy, satisfied and glad you ordered from us!

Exceptions to Our Guarantee

Ground Shipment Incorrectly Selected

If you live beyond our ground shipment area yet incorrectly select that shipping option, we can't guarantee the health or survival of your plants and can't provide a refund. Please read our ground delivery rules at the bottom of this page.

Acts of Nature/Lack of Proper Care

We can't guarantee survival of our plants in the event of an act of nature, such as a storm, extreme summer heat or unexpectedly severe drought. Outside of these conditions, our plants should perform well if they receive appropriate moisture, sunlight and soil and if selected correctly based on USDA Hardiness Zones. Proper care also requires planting with sufficient time for roots to become well established before winter. If their needs aren't met (we trust you to judge this) or acts of nature harm them, we can't guarantee replacement or a refund/credit.

Winter Damage

We do not, under any circumstances, guarantee winter survival of plants. Too many factors are out of our control.

Plants listed as "Challenging"

We can't unconditionally guarantee success with species that are challenging outside their native environment. For species we indicate as being challenging (information posted in the plant descriptions), we only guarantee safe arrival of healthy plants. We can't guarantee your success beyond this point for difficult species, as many are rigorous about their cultural requirements.

Our Plants

The descriptions about our plants and the other products that we sell are as accurate as we can make them be and are based on our personal experience. After all, we grow these plants in our own garden! And each plant listing contains a brief description of its appearance, cultural requirements and general uses. We cannot know your micro-climate or specific growing conditions, so please research the requirements of a plant before your purchase. Additionally, we can make no personal claims as to the effectiveness of medicinal plants.

Flower Color

The flower color of our plants in your garden may not always exactly match the colors in our photographs. This is due, in part, to the photographic process and varying lighting conditions during the day. What looks red-orange when photographed at noon may look crimson later in the day.

Color -- both of flowers and foliage -- may also vary based on the differences in growing conditions from one area to another. Variations in soil chemistry, including pH and fertility, can cause colors to shift. The day & night temperature, the intensity of the light, drought conditions, excessive rainfall, air pollution and stress from pests all affect plant pigmentation. These are factors that vary by location and from one season to another.

Nature is full of surprises. So please forgive us if a plant that we describe as being "clear pink" or "tomato red" appears somewhat different in your garden. Also, please keep in mind that two people viewing the same flower in the same place and under the same conditions may describe its color differently.

Substitutions and Backorders

We will not make any substitutions without your permission. If you wish to list acceptable substitutions, please use the Notes box at the bottom of the Checkout page to tell us what to do. We do not backorder unavailable plants without your permission.

Shipping Methods

Please read this section carefully before selecting a shipping method. Using an inappropriate service can cause unnecessary stress to your plants.

  • Ground Delivery is the appropriate method for all shipments where your Zip Code begins with 8 or 9 (West of the Rocky Mountains).
    It is also the fastest method in this region - faster than 3 Day Select.
  • 3rd Day Air is the appropriate method if your Zip code begins with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 (East of the Rocky Mountains). This will guarantee that your plants will arrive the same week they are shipped.

Read about how we work to keep our shipping prices low and fair at our  Shipping Information page.

Please remember: the shipping method you choose can greatly affect the health of the plants you receive. We cannot be responsible for damaged plants if you choose Ground service and are shipping to a Zip code that begins with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7!

Seasonal Delivery

Unless you instruct otherwise, we will send your order on the next regular shipping day (Monday & Tuesday), in one shipment. If you would like us to hold your plants until your weather is appropriate for planting please tell us so in the Customer Notes section of your order.

Requests for Delayed Delivery
To delay receipt of an order due to sudden, difficult weather or another reason, please contact us immediately. If it isn't already shipped, we can generally place a hold for a few weeks.

Additions to Orders
To make additions to an order that hasn't yet shipped, please place a second order (minimum of $25) before the Saturday noon (PST) shipping deadline. If you want both orders combined for shipping, you must add a message requesting this service in the "customer notes" section at the end of the second order. We provide a refund for any excess shipping charges.
Payment Upon Order

FBTS charges for orders when we receive them. When you place an order, whether for this week or for a number of weeks in the future, we set aside plants for you that no one else may purchase. This policy allows you to make sure the plants you want are available when you need them.

Refunds and Credits

If you order plants far in advance of your requested delivery date, please remember that we can't provide a refund on a credit card purchase 60 days after the order is placed. The same thing is true in the rare event that you experience a plant failure and report it beyond the 60-day limit. We can, however, credit your purchase by providing a gift certificate.

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