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The plants arrived beautifully packed, in lovely condition, and I followed the very clear instructions for unpacking, getting them accustomed to the growing conditions here, hardening them off and planting them in my garden. They are doing beautifully and I love the complete descriptions of how to care for them. They are like beautiful children that I can hardly wait to see grow up and bloom. So glad I have them. Nancy Ann Page
Nancy Ann Page who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 11, 2017

Can't say enough about FBTS. What a great resource. I have a salvia/cuphea garden for birds and bees in my front yard and have landscaped the back yard with many companion plants all from FBTS. All plants arrived healthy and have thrived with planting. You just can't get this variety anywhere else, nor the great customer service re planting and caring for the plants after arrival. Can't thank you enough. I'll be back for more!
Shotsy Faust who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 27, 2017

I can't say yet how the plants will fare as I just received them, most are in the ground with three having been re-potted to keep thru the winter in the garden shed for planting next spring - but I can say these are by far the BEST quality plants I have ever received via mail order, and in fact the quality is better than some i've bought locally! I've ordered a lot of plants online over the years and have never had any to arrive in such good condition as the ones I've bought from FBTS. Will definitely be buying more!
Sarah Reagan who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 25, 2017

I find salvias so addictive, and finding this site was a great thing for me! There are so many different kinds so you can have a wide variety of looks and colors, while still providing nectar for the pollinators. My garden is a registered Monarch Watch site so I have to be careful that I'm providing the right plants for the pollinators to thrive. With FBTS's salvia categories this could not be easier. I love it. All of my plants have arrived in great condition, however it is still hot here (Texas) and some of them didn't make it because I didn't transfer them quickly enough. I just placed an order a couple of days ago to replace the ones I lost. Great company, obviously cares about the environment and spreading the beauty of the salvia species.
Lisa Cloutier who rated us 9 / 5 on Oct 11, 2017

Have been ordering plants for 3 years and have never received an improperly packaged plant or had a plant die. Love their instructions and information about each plant. Have had to call on two occasions and talked to a real person who answered my questions. Love their website.
Sharon who rated us 9 / 5 on Oct 5, 2017

the recent set of 5 flowers are doing well. It is cool in the desert ... under 90. flowers purchased previously did not like temps above 90. As soon as it cooled off .... they started blooming again.
David Nesst who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 24, 2017

Plants arrived promptly when they were expected. They were large healthy plants. I was very happy with my order! Thanks.
Sue Elkins who rated us 7 / 5 on Sep 18, 2017

Purchased plants as part of \"grew too much\" sale; plants arrived in good condition, and are adjusting well to the new home.
Linus who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 4, 2017

I only got to find out about fbts this year, 2017, and I am sorry I didn't get to know about it earlier. The side is loaded with information, the offer is impressive, the quality of the plants I received was superb and they did wonderfully well in the garden. Couldn't ask for more. I emailed Kermit with questions on suggestions and I received a detailed, thoughtful answer that was very useful. Fbts has definitely become my go-to-place for anything-salvia-related! I bought 6 salvias in the spring and I just bought 7 more the same year. Thank you.
Alejandro Prigollini who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 3, 2017

All Salvias (Amistad, Phyllis Fancy, Gravida, Bodacious) arrived healthier than any I've seen in the mail-order plant industry. I have ordered from nearly a dozen such companies in the past. No exaggeration to say they were healthier than most plants I've bought in-person at a nursery. Went in the ground, took 2 weeks of every other day watering and they were established even though I planted them during the absolute worst time of the year in Louisiana (late July). No complaints from me, will use FBTS again for certain.
Nathan Motz who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 23, 2017

Ordered 4 plants during a recent sale. They arrived as scheduled, securely packed, and very healthy looking. Not even two weeks later they are putting out new growth. Can't wait to se how they bloom next season.
Mary who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 20, 2017

Everything arrived quickly and in very good shape. I did get a surprise with my Torch Lillies, a little lizard. I hope he wasn't too traumatized by his trip.
Susan A Klein who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 18, 2017

I cannot find the salvias for our hummers available locally that FBTS carries. The first year I ordered I could not believe how large plants were. And two of them were even in bloom in the shipping box!
Lisa Herlinger who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 18, 2017

I bought two pachyphylla 'blue flame' a couple of months ago. I had seen a picture of one in a magazine and I knew they were hard to find. Flowers by the Sea had two and they arrived in one day and in excellent condition. Both salvias are now blooming which is awesome.
Christina Schneck who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 14, 2017

Every year I order from Flowers by the Sea. Every year I am amazed at and thrilled by the plants that arrive. I have never had one fail and I've been ordering for quite a number of years. It's not easy to find great hummingbird plants in Michigan. FBTS fills a huge void for me. If ever I have a question, Kermit, Vikki, and the wonderful folks at FBTS are more than happy to answer them. I'm already looking forward to ordering next year's plants.
Melissa Pappas who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 30, 2017

I ordered 6 plants in early July. They were shipped very quickly by FBTS. I was stunned when the box arrived completely beat up. I was worried about my new plants. I opened up the box, and it took sometime to unwrap the plants, due to the extra packing efforts of FBTS. I was amazed that there was only very minor damage to one plant! All of the plants are in the ground now, and looking great!
Megan who rated us 9 / 5 on Jul 30, 2017

I have ordered several salvias and they have all arrived in excellent condition and are doing well in my garden. I love the variety available and the shopping experience online makes it easy to find the plants and colors I seek.
Jasmine who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 29, 2017

Arrived on time and in great shape. The plants are growing and doing well
Louis Matejek who rated us 8 / 5 on Jul 23, 2017

Had heard great things and decided to try you guys!! So glad I did...I am so extremely delighted with the size and condition of the plants I received!!!! I will definitely attract more hummingbirds with these perfect plants!!! Thank you so much I am a very happy customer!!!!
Melanie Brimhall who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 21, 2017

Three out of the four salvia plants I ordered were outstanding. The fourth was one I would have never selected at a nursery as it was very mediocre in shape as the top had been lopped off and it wasn't full. I hope it will grow out of it's current sad condition and become a nice plant. Hated to pay so much for that one plant but the three others were great.
Carolyn Rice who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 19, 2017

It's too soon to evaluate my new agastache plants as mature plants. What I can say is that they arrived promptly and in great condition, are all planted and blooming, even as young as they are. I love your website, and your detailed information on so many varieties of sages and Agastache. Thank you for the follow-up. I will most likely order more from you as I get more areas of the garden prepared.
Shari who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 15, 2017

The wait was longer than I expected like felt two weeks due to their shipping schedule, but it was worth it. Overall very leafy for small pots and two of the salvias are in full bloom with half a dozen flower stems since I planted them in mid June. The other one, rhythm and blue, I think it is a late bloomer. I'll consider ordering again if they survives through the winter outside.
helen who rated us 9 / 5 on Jul 14, 2017

My June order of Bodacious \"Rhythm and Blues' and Salvia microphylla 'Red Velvet' arrived looking great. I potted them up and have them in a shady spot. They are doing very well one of the Red Velvet has buds. I will have to start exposing them to more sun. We live is eastern San Diego and the sun is very bright. I planted Salvia Amistad this spring from gallons, one in 1/2 shade has grown rapidly, and one planted in the ground in full sun most hours of the day. It is about half the size of the 1/2 shade plant but has more flowers now. Salvia leucantha grows like a weed here and flowers all year. In the undeveloped open spaces near our home Salvia apiana, Salvia munzii, Salvia clevelandii, and Salvia mellifera grow. Which Salvias can survive with lots of heat and sunlight.
Bruce Cobbledick who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 4, 2017

Beautiful, unusual plants at a good price. The service was great. I am very happy with my purchase.
Ginny Hersch who rated us 10 / 5 on Jun 30, 2017

As I have said before your plants arrive in beautiful condition with great root systems and are growing nicely. My only suggestion? Better estimation of the ultimate dimensions of the plants. I realize this will vary greatly depending on the quality of the soil but 2 examples that stand out from my orders: 1) S. Blue Ensign---the website said 3'h x 2'w, the plastic plant identifier says 4'h x 4'w, a huge difference. Do they transplant very well if I have to adjust them next spring? I wouldn't have had to buy 6 of them if I'd known. 2) S. Ultra Violet---website says 18\"h x 18\"w, the plastic tag says 24\"-27\" w. Shouldn't the information on the website and that on the plastic ID tags be the same? It would help planning for the garden. Thanks, I appreciate your company's quality and responsiveness. Linda
Linda DeRoze who rated us 10 / 5 on Jun 29, 2017

who rated us / 5 on Dec 31, 1969