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Welcome to Flowers by the Sea

Mr. Sage

Welcome to Flowers by the Sea, a family run mail-order plant nursery. We have been supplying gardeners with superior plants for over 23 years.

Read about our shipping methods & rates and our return free Unconditional Guarantee.

Browse our plants by Color, Blooming Season or Hardiness Zone. We also provide listings by Cultural Needs such as Drought Tolerance and Full Shade Lovers. Our listings by Garden Use can help you find the perfect Groundcover or Salvias with Exceptional Foliage.

We currently offer 404 Salvia varieties and species - truly something for every garden need. And to round out your garden, we have some 88 plants that are ideal Salvia Companions.

Our Everything Salvias Blog has hundreds of detailed articles - how to's, plant profiles and answers to common questions about Salvias.

Our Plants Will Grow for You - Guaranteed!

Every variety we offer for sale has been extensively tested in our own nursery & gardens. Only those plants that thrive and that are the best of their type make it onto our site. All are plants that you can count on to be healthy & well grown. Our goal is to help you make your garden a success.

We are proud of the quality of what we offer, and Unconditionally Guarantee your complete satisfaction with everything we sell.

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Our latest introductions

We test every plant before we offer it for sale. Your success is our success. You can be confident that these new introductions are dependable garden plants." - Kermit Carter, General Manager

Change is constant in horticulture. Selecting the best new plants is daunting even in one genus, especially Salvia, which contains about 900 species of true sages worldwide. Our New Arrivals section showcases the latest sages and companions in our online catalog whether new to commercial horticulture or only to our gardens. Please contact us if you have questions or gardening experiences to share about these plants.

Check out our entire list of new introductions
  • Salvia orthostachys

    (Straight Spike Sage) Covered with whorls of crimson flowers, this long-blooming, perennial sage has erect form. It matures into a tall, wide plant that is ideal for massing as a screen or at back of border.


  • Salvia pratensis 'Indigo'

    (Indigo Meadow Sage) When massed, this European sage compels attention during summer with its upright, foot-long spikes of deep violet-blue flowers and hairy, gray-green, basal foliage.


  • Impatiens niamniamensis ‘African Queen’

    (Congo Cockatoo) Busy Lizzie this is not! Vivid candy corn colors and nectar spurs arched similar to cockatoo beaks make Impatiens niamniamensis 'African Queen' an unusual sight.


  • Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Pink'

    (Summer Jewel Pink Tropical Sage) Butterflies, hummingbirds and honeybees enjoy this Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner, which is an outstanding choice for bright pink & white color from June to autumn. This type of Tropical Sage is generally the first to flower for us.


Vikki working in the nursery

"Many of these are in very short supply, so act fast if you find something you like!" - Vikki Carter, Nursery Manager

Each week, we walk through the nursery with a clipboard in hands, looking for the best we have to offer.  All of the plants listed here are "prime", ready to succeed in your garden.  In some cases they are just coming into bloom.  Or they may be at the perfect stage to transplant.  Or the seasonal foliage color may be at its peak.

In any case, the list changes every week, so check back for the latest and greatest from Flowers by the Sea.

  • Salvia greggii 'Wild Thing'

    (Wild Thing Autumn Sage) Native to West Texas where it was collected in the wild, this cold-tolerant sage has perky, upright flowers that are coral pink with a darker throat. Overall, it is a vigorous, upright plant with dense, deep green foliage. Butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds love it.

  • Salvia greggii 'Plum Wine'

    (Plum Wine Mountain Sage) Frilly, lavender-tinged, pink flowers with a pretty white dot at the throat make this another outstanding contribution from North Carolina nurseryman Richard Dufresne.


  • Salvia arizonica

    (Arizona Blue Sage) We are so impressed with this top-performing, drought-resistant ground cover that we have rated it best of class. Arizona Blue Sage is adaptable to a variety of shady conditions and blossoms so abundantly that it seems to have as many rich blue flowers as it has leaves. It is native to dry, shaded areas in mountain canyons in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.


  • Salvia gesneriiflora 'Mole Poblano'

    (Mexican Chocolate Scarlet Sage) Although this is a sister of Salvia gesneriiflora ‘Tequila’, it is shorter, more floriferous and has a longer bloom time. Similar to Tequila, the Mole Poblano variety has bright red flowers and dark purple calyxes.

  • Salvia glabrescens 'Yellow & Purple'

    (Makino) The unusual flower color and short, mounding growth of this clone of Salvia glabrascens -- a woodland Japanese native -- make it distinctive. The blossoms are nearly clear yellow with striking purple beelines.

  • Salvia x 'Wendy's Wish'

    (Wendy's Wish Sage) Magenta tubular blossoms with fluted tips and rusty pink calyxes connect to deep burgundy stems on this accidental hybrid. Wendy's Wish is long blooming and has a compact, tidy form.

  • Salvia darcyi 'Pscarl'

    (Vermillion Bluffs® Mexican Sage) The brilliant red flowers of Vermillion Bluffs bloom abundantly from August to October. This variety of the Mexican native Salvia darcyi is cold hardy to Zone 5b at altitudes up to 5,500 feet.

  • Salvia buchananii

    (Buchanan's Sage) No longer found in the wild in its native Mexico, this spectacular Salvia is widely grown in courtyards and by entryways throughout the country. Also known as Fuschia Sage, it has long, pendulous, magenta flowers that are fuzzy and framed by purplish, glossy leaves.

  • Salvia elegans 'Golden Delicious'

    (Golden Pineapple Sage) The bright crimson flowers of this extremely fragrant sage are attractive to both humans and pollinators. However, it is the glowing golden foliage that most distinguishes this cultivar from other varieties of Pineapple Sage.

  • Salvia elegans 'Honey Melon'

    (Honey Melon Pineapple Sage) This is a short Pineapple Sage that is long blooming. It is the earliest and longest flowering of all the many varieties of Salvia elegans. We recommend it for indoor herb gardening as well as for outdoor borders and groundcovers.

More information about Flowers by the Sea

When it comes to ornamental and medicinal Salvias -- or true sages -- more is what you get from Flowers by the Sea (FBTS). We offer more types, more colors, more vigor, more care in shipping and more information. We grow, develop and test hundreds of ornamental and medicinal Salvias. Our farm and online nursery doesn’t sell to big box outlets; instead, we ship directly to home gardeners like you. At Flowers by the Sea, you'll find the largest selection of Salvias -- both popular and rare -- available anywhere in the world.

We aren't just here to sell plants and make a living; we're here to help you make the world more beautiful.

Pixels Not Print - Our Catalog With A Conscience

Don't expect a catalog in your mailbox from Flowers by the Sea, because we have never printed one and refuse to do so. Print catalogs are tree-munching dinosaurs on their way to extinction due to the rapidly changing world of digital technology. Online catalogs are environmentally friendly and save our customers money, because we can keep our plant prices low.

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All our plants are 100% Guaranteed

Our Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee

All plants are guaranteed to arrive at your home in excellent condition and clearly labeled. In addition, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with these plants. There is no hidden small print; we know you will love our quality, so we guarantee it!

We ship well-rooted stock in the container size listed for each plant in our catalog. Occasionally we will cut a plant back to facilitate shipping, but hey -- we're gardeners, so we'll do a thoughtful job of it.

We are very careful about not sending you weeds or pests! If your plants do not arrive in excellent condition, please contact us immediately via email or telephone. You can choose to have either a refund or credit on a future order.

Our goal is to make you happy, satisfied and glad you ordered from us!

Complete shipping information

Our Shipping is Fast, Fair & Efficient

Flowers by the Sea uses a customized system for shipping charges. Customized fees allow adjustment of shipping prices based on how far away you live from FBTS and how many plants you purchase. This is a more equitable way of covering delivery fees instead of increasing plant prices to cover losses on delivery charges as in a flat-rate system.

Our Everything Salvias Blog

Our blog gets to the roots of Everything Salvias

Please visit our Everything Salvias Blog, where we discuss favorite sages and companion plants in detail. We share information about a broad array of species and dig into topics such as butterfly and hummingbird plants, Culinary Sages, medicinal use of Salvias, native gardens, plant cultivation, Salvia history including plant exploration, selection of plants based on climate and tips for waterwise gardening.

Salvia Alert!

Salvia Alert!

Salvia Alert! is a free service to our customers, to keep them informed of new and unusual Salvia species and varieties as they become commercially avaliable.

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There is no regular schedule for Salvia Alert emails. They may arrive in your inbox once a week or once a month depending on the timing of new introductions and the growth cycle of other plants. The in-stock quantity of any given plant detailed in an Alert is limited. However, there are no other restrictions on the number you may purchase while the plant is in stock. The chase is on once the Alert is mailed: Sales continue until stock is gone, which may be minutes, hours or more than a day.

Salvia Daily Deal

Salvia Daily Deal

The Salvia Daily Deal offers a popular sage for $1.99 once a week. The sale day begins at noon Pacific Time and lasts for 24 hours or until stock runs out. The limit usually is one pot per customer, but sometimes multiple purchases are possible. Past offers have included Friendship Sage (Salvia 'Amistad') and Grape Leaf Sage (Salvia vitiifolia).

Subscribers receive the Daily Deal newslist via email before sale time. If you click on the Daily Deal Icon in the newslist, it takes you to a page with dials showing how many days, hours and minutes must pass until the sale opens. If you open the email during sale time, the newslist looks different: For example, aside from "Daily Deal," the icon announces "Today Only." The name of the plant is now highlighted. You click on it to reach the plant description page where you can click the "add to cart" button to place your order.

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These are some of the reasons our customers love FBTS:

Mr. Sage

  • Quality plants that are large, healthy and carefully cultivated
  • Meticulous attention to safe shipping
  • A broad range of floral colors and handsome foliage shapes and textures
  • An emphasis on drought- and heat-resistant species
  • Salvias for all conditions from shade to full sun and from moist to dry soils
  • Helpful information about gardening to attract hummingbirds and other small wildlife
  • Extensive advice about the right kind of Salvias for your landscape, and
  • Patient, generous customer service.