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Welcome to Flowers by the Sea

Mr. Sage

Welcome to Flowers by the Sea, a family run mail-order plant nursery. We've been supplying gardeners with superior plants for over 24 years. Our plants are large, healthy and guaranteed to please.

We currently offer 446 Salvia / Sage varieties and species - truly something for every garden need. And to round out your plantings, we have some 129 plants that are ideal Salvia Companions.

We are proud of the quality of what we offer, and Unconditionally Guarantee your complete satisfaction with everything we sell.

Read what our customers say about our service, quality and selection.
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  • We test every plant before we offer it for sale. Your success is our success. You can be confident that these new introductions are dependable garden plants." - Kermit Carter, General Manager

    Change is constant in horticulture. Selecting the best new plants is daunting even in one genus, especially Salvia, which contains about 900 species of true sages worldwide. Our New Arrivals section showcases the latest sages and companions in our online catalog whether new to commercial horticulture or only to our gardens. Please contact us if you have questions or gardening experiences to share about these plants.

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    • Salvia splendens van houttei 'Paul'

      (Paul's Scarlet Sage) Long, narrow and tubular, the reddish purple flowers of Salvia splendens van houttei 'Paul' are alluring wells of nectar for hummingbirds. Similarly colored calyxes support the blossoms and add to this sage's siren call.


    • Salvia uliginosa ‘Ballon Azul’

      (Dwarf Bog Sage) Intense sky blue flowers with white beelines are set against mid-green foliage in this dwarf Bog Sage that is about half as tall and wide as its parent species when in bloom.


    • Salvia karwinskii 'Ted's 18 footer'

      (Giant Karwinski's Sage) San Francisco arborist and gardener extraordinaire Ted Kipping developed this tower of creamy pinkalicious power that hummingbirds love. It's lush with bright green leaves that are large, pebbly and hairy on the underside.


    • Salvia aucheri

      (Turkish Tea Sage) Sometimes an attractive plant is also medically powerful. That's true of the lavender flowered Salvia aucheri, which has strong white beelines. This Turkish native is consumed as an ingredient in teas used as folk remedies for many problems, including abdominal bloating and infections.


    • Salvia arborescens

      (Tree Sage)Whether you call it a shrub or a tree, Salvia arborscens rises up to an impressive 12 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Commonly known as Sage Tree, this Salvia grows well in full sun, but prefers partial shade.


    • Salvia judaica

      (Judean Sage) Native to the mountains of Judea in Israel, this dark violet flowered, perennial sage is unique among the Palestinian Salvias - as a woodland native it grows well in partial shade. It is a tough, drought-resistant plant with deeply cut & hairy foliage which forms impressive mounds of color in the spring and early summer.


    "Many of these are in very short supply, so act fast if you find something you like!" - Vikki Carter, Nursery Manager

    Each week, we walk through the nursery with a clipboard in hands, looking for the best we have to offer.  All of the plants listed here are "prime", ready to succeed in your garden.  In some cases they are just coming into bloom.  Or they may be at the perfect stage to transplant.  Or the seasonal foliage color may be at its peak.

    In any case, the list changes every week, so check back for the latest and greatest from Flowers by the Sea.

    • Salvia gachantivana

      (Cundinamarca Sage) This Colombian Salvia is difficult to obtain outside of its home country. As far as we know, Flowers by the Sea is the first nursery to offer it in the United States.


    • Asclepias eriocarpa

      (Indian Milkweed) It's the hairy, minty green foliage of Asclepias eriocarpa -- not its star-like, pink and cream flowers filled with nectar -- that is most valuable to Monarch butterflies.


    • Cuphea schumannii

      Floriferous and heat tolerant, Cuphea schumannii is also a long-blooming addition to wildlife gardens. Similar to Salvias, Cupheas are rich sources of nectar that fuel hummingbird migration. Bees, butterflies and hoverflies are among the other pollinators that love this genus.


    • Kniphofia 'Poco Red'

      (Poco Red Dwarf Hot Poker) Flowers by the Sea is the first U.S. nursery to grow Kniphofia 'Poco Red' -- a dwarf Hot Poker that is about two inches shorter than the already petite Kniphofia 'Redhot Popsicle'.


    • Brugmansia 'Snowbank'

      (Variegated Angel's Trumpet) Fragrant, peach-colored blooms in immense proportions emerge from some of the most broadly margined and brilliant foliage you've ever seen!


    • Calceolaria integrifolia 'Kentish Hero'

      (Kentish Hero Pouch Flower) Do you like orange flowers? How about orange flowers that look like balloons - lots and lots of balloons? If you say, "Yes", then you will love this sun-to-shade perennial that is a perfect companion to Summer blooming Salvias.


    • Kniphofia 'Poco Orange'

      (Poco Orange Dwarf Hot Poker) Flowers by the Sea is the first U.S. nursery to grow Kniphofia 'Poco Orange' -- a dwarf Hot Poker that is several inches shorter than the Kniphofia 'Mango Popsicle' when in bloom.


    • Agastache x 'Kudos Coral'

      (Kudos Coral Hybrid Anise Hyssop) Dense plumes of deep coral flowers are accented by mid-green foliage in this heat- and drought-tolerant favorite of pollinators. Kudos Coral is a compact, clumping, semi-dwarf variety.


    • Salvia nipponica 'Fuji Snow'

      (Variegated Japanese Woodland Sage) Irregular white margins surrounding deep green make the triangular leaves of this fine Japanese forest sage lighten the shade. In fall, pale yellow flowers add to the standout effect.

    • Anisacanthus wrightii 'Pumpkin Orange'

      (Orange Texas Firecracker) Hummingbirds and butterflies will thank you with frequent visits if you add this long-blooming plant to your wildlife garden. Its clear, pumpkin-orange trumpet-type flowers with long, narrow petals are wells of delicious nectar.


    Limited Availability Plants - Time is running out

    Limited Availibility Plants
    These Limited Availability Plants will be going out of stock very soon. This may be your last chance this season to add a particular species or variety to your garden or collection.
    Read all about our Limited Availability program.
    Salvia cedrosensis - Cedros Island Sage

    Salvia cedrosensis - Cedros Island Sage

    Available April through May and September through October only.

    Only 10 in stock.

    See the details

    Calceolaria integrifolia 'Kentish Hero - 'Kentish Hero Pouch Flower

    Calceolaria integrifolia 'Kentish Hero - 'Kentish Hero Pouch Flower

    Available March to May only.

    Only 15 in stock.

    See the details