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The COOL Collection™
The COOL Collection™

The COOL Collection™ of pastel Salvia guaranitica (Anise Scented Sage) hybrids is a product of rigorous research and development at Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery. Well known as a hummingbird favorite and for the saturated blues and purples of their flowers, Salvia guaraniticas have become popular ornamentals worldwide in the past 15 years. The COOL Collection™ expands color choice.

Anise Scented Sage is native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In the wild, it grows near forest tributaries in full sun to partial shade. French plant explorer Auguste François César de Saint-Hilaire (1779-1853) collected it in Brazil during the nineteenth century and likely became familiar with the species through the indigenous Guarani people (guaranitica means "of the Guarani").

COOL Collection™ sages are adaptable to many locations and are great garden solutions for moist locations. They are water lovers but need only average supplemental watering to thrive and brighten landscapes.

(COOL Fandango Anise Scented Sage) A combination of dark, rosy bracts and magenta blossoms make Salvia COOL Fandango dance. It’s vivid, floriferous, and a hummingbird favorite.

(COOL Lavender Blush Anise Scented Sage) Dusky green and red-edged bracts surround the pale-throated lavender blossoms of Salvia COOL Lavender Blush.  It's a magnet for hummingbirds.

(COOL Lavender Mist Anise Scented Sage) Bright green bracts and rich lavender blossoms sing in Salvia COOL Lavender Mist. Hummingbirds keep this bountiful bloomer buzzing.

(COOL Periwinkle Anise-Scented Sage) Dusky green bracts cup the lavender-blue blossoms of Salvia COOL Periwinkle that attract hummingbirds. The fragrance of its bright green leaves may remind you of licorice.

(COOL Pink Lace Anise Scented Sage) Cheerful Kelly-green bracts surround magenta buds that bloom into the soft pink yet magenta-tinged flowers of Salvia COOL Pink Lace. Its bright green leaves have a licorice-like fragrance.

(COOL Shocking Pink Anise-Scented Sage) Dusky green bracts support the pastel magenta blossoms of Salvia COOL Shocking Pink. It’s a hummingbird favorite with bright green, fragrant foliage that may remind you of licorice.

(COOL Wild Strawberry Anise Scented Sage) Prepare yourself for a heaping serving of large flowers the delicious color of strawberry ice cream when you plant Salvia COOL Wild Strawberry.