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The genus Salvia is our specialty, and we have the largest selection in the United States. We currently offer Salvia species, hybrids and varieties - along with numerous outstanding hummingbird, butterfly and bee plants. Our focus is on plants for pollinators.

Each and every one has been extensively tested & evaluated before we list them here. We're proud of the quality of what we grow, and Unconditionally Guarantee your complete satisfaction with everything we sell.

Read about our safety measures for the novel coronavirus here. We're continuing to produce and ship plants and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for your support during these difficult times.

We are now taking orders for 2021 spring delivery. Doing your shopping now will insure you have the widest selection, and you choose when your plants will be delivered. We sell out of some of our most popular varieties early every year, so act now to get exactly what you need.

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Just getting started with Salvias? We have just what you need - the Getting Started with Salvias page. A great way to learn about this fascinating genus.

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What's New
Our latest introductions

We test every plant before we offer it for sale. Your success is our success. You can be confident that these new introductions are dependable garden plants." - Kermit Carter, General Manager

Change is constant in horticulture. Selecting the best new plants is daunting even in one genus, especially Salvia, which contains about 900 species of true sages worldwide. Our New Arrivals section showcases the latest sages and companions in our online catalog whether new to commercial horticulture or only to our gardens. Please contact us if you have questions or gardening experiences to share about these plants.


(Mysty Sage) Salvia x ‘Mysty’ is a dwarf version of Mystic Spires Sage and is a dramatic border plant with dark green, corrugated leaves and long blooming flower spikes abundant with deep, violet-blue blossoms.


(Mister Jules Hybrid Sage) Long, dark, velvety stems contrast dramatically with the deep red flowers of this hybrid, spreading sage from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Arboretum. The parent plants are Mexican Winter Sage (S. holwayi) -- a superior, spreading groundcover or sprawling shrub -- and Cardinal Sage (S. fulgens), which is an upright shrub with large, deep red flowers.


(Lancelot Wooly Canary Island Sage) Salvia canariensis ‘Lancelot’ has lavender flowers shaped like parrot beaks that are surrounded by deep rosy-lavender bracts.


(COOL Pink Lace Anise Scented Sage) Cheerful Kelly-green bracts surround magenta buds that bloom into the soft pink yet magenta-tinged flowers of Salvia COOL Pink Lace. Its bright green leaves have a licorice-like fragrance.

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