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Three Way Summer Sale
Three Way Sale

Summer is still here. Fall is coming.

August is an in-between month. Summer flowers abound, but the days are getting shorter. What to do in your garden? We can help.

  • Plant now for late summer and fall flowers. Its not too late for a beautiful end of the season;
  • Plan for fall planting. Better to plant early than late to get a jump on next season's garden;
  • Think BIG for extra savings.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be having our ThreeWaySale:

These are not leftovers, end-of-season or last of the lot plants but rather ones we have grown just for this sale. The quality of our stock is very high now, and we know you will be happy with everything you receive. Don’t delay – some of the most popular ones are sure to sell out soon

All other Terms & Conditions apply. Limited to stock on hand. Expires August 26th, 2019.

Mr. Sage

The genus Salvia is our specialty, and we have the largest selection in the United States. We currently offer 384 Salvia species, hybrids and varieties - along with numerous outstanding hummingbird, butterfly and bee plants. Our focus is on plants for pollinators.

Each and every one has been extensively tested & evaluated before we list them here. We're proud of the quality of what we grow, and Unconditionally Guarantee your complete satisfaction with everything we sell.

Just getting started with Salvias? We have just what you need - the Getting Started with Salvias page. A great way to learn about this fascinating genus.

Read what our customers say about our service, quality and selection.

Elk Rainbow Sages - Quality you can depend on

Elk Rainbow Sages - Quality you can depend on

Development of Jame Sage (Salvia x jamensis) hybrids is rapidly expanding to contain a broad range of flower colors from soft pastels to brighter, more intense colors that are closer to the primary and secondary ranges. An example is our series of Jame Sages called Elk Rainbow Sages, which range from pale pastels to brights and bicolors depending on what Salvias crossed to create these hybrids.

We developed all of the Elk Rainbow Series at our farm on the Northern California coast near the town of Elk where Jame Sage grows beautifully. This ability to thrive in a relatively cool, often moist coastal climate versus the semi-arid mountain homelands of these hybrids says a lot about the adaptability of Jame Sages.

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