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FBTS Introductions
FBTS Introductions

The Flowers by the Sea breeding program is focused on creating superior new varieties, plants better than those currently in cultivation.  We carefully test potential new introductions in a wide variety of climates, to ensure that our plants will grow well for you.

Our 2015 introduction, VIBE Ignition Purple, has become a bestseller nationwide and is hands down the finest deep purple Jame Sage.  BODACIOUS Rhythm and Blues has replaced Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' in uncountable US gardens, and is quickly becoming a favorite in Europe.  New VIBE and BODACIOUS varieties are in the testing phase, and will become available shortly.
This category contains all of the plants we have introduced over the years.

(Himalayan Sage or Kashmir Sage) The word "hians" in Salvia hians means "gaping" and refers to the hanging lip of this sage's flowers, which bloom from late spring through early fall.  This may or may not the "true" species as it is described, hence the term aff or affnis in the name, which indicates that this plant is related to, has an affinity to, but is not identical to Salvia hians.

(Elk Giant Arrow-leaf Sage) Large clusters of true blue flowers adorn this giant sage. It's true scientific name is as of yet unknown, but it strongly resembles Salvia sagittata - hence the use of the term affnis in the name.

(Hummingbird Falls Anise-Scented Sage) Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Hummingbird Falls’ is the world’s first hanging basket sage and a plant that hummingbirds battle over. It’s a natural alternative to plastic and glass nectar feeders that require frequent cleaning and refilling.

(Jammin Jazz Anise-Scented Sage) Deep chocolate calyxes and stems support the large, hot pink flowers of Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Jammin’ Jazz’. This new cultivar of Salvia guaranitica has heavily veined, bright green foliage that smells a bit like licorice.

(Rhythm and Blues Anise-Scented Sage) The large, deep bluish-purple flowers of Salvia BODACIOUS ‘Rhythm and Blues’ are shaped like parrot beaks and supported by black calyxes. It's foliage smells sweet with a hint of licorice. It's superior to the old standby Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue'.

(Smokey Jazz Anise-Scented Sage) The dusky black calyxes of Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Smokey Jazz’ support large flowers shaped like parrot beaks the unique color of boysenberries — a hue between red and purple.


(Elk Giant Chiapas Sage) This is a mega version of one of our favorite partial-shade Salvias. It's larger in all ways that the species, with inflorescence up to 2 feet long. Because of it's spread it is not suitable for small areas, but will delight gardeners and hummingbirds alike when given room to grow.

(COOL Fandango Anise Scented Sage) A combination of dark, rosy bracts and magenta blossoms make Salvia COOL Fandango dance. It’s vivid, floriferous, and a hummingbird favorite.

(COOL Lavender Blush Anise Scented Sage) Dusky green and red-edged bracts surround the pale-throated lavender blossoms of Salvia COOL Lavender Blush.  It's a magnet for hummingbirds.

(COOL Lavender Mist Anise Scented Sage) Bright green bracts and rich lavender blossoms sing in Salvia COOL Lavender Mist. Hummingbirds keep this bountiful bloomer buzzing.

(COOL Periwinkle Anise-Scented Sage) Dusky green bracts cup the lavender-blue blossoms of Salvia COOL Periwinkle that attract hummingbirds. The fragrance of its bright green leaves may remind you of licorice.

(COOL Pink Lace Anise Scented Sage) Cheerful Kelly-green bracts surround magenta buds that bloom into the soft pink yet magenta-tinged flowers of Salvia COOL Pink Lace. Its bright green leaves have a licorice-like fragrance.

(COOL Shocking Pink Anise-Scented Sage) Dusky green bracts support the pastel magenta blossoms of Salvia COOL Shocking Pink. It’s a hummingbird favorite with bright green, fragrant foliage that may remind you of licorice.

(COOL Wild Strawberry Anise Scented Sage) Prepare yourself for a heaping serving of large flowers the delicious color of strawberry ice cream when you plant Salvia COOL Wild Strawberry.

(Elk Magenta Hybrid Sage)  Combining the best characteristics of both parents, this robust, large leafed hybrid has deep magenta and white flowers that delight hummingbirds.

(Elk Super Scarlet Rooster Sage) From the mountains of Mexico we have this stunning Sage, which seems never to be out of bloom. A superior hummingbird plant, the warm orange flowers that cover this shrubby perennial make it a standout in the garden.

(Elk Red-Violet Hybrid Sage)  A very special new hybrid Sage, featuring small but very numerous deep red-violet flowers on a vigorous, easy to grow plant.  Loved by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. A FBTS introduction.

(Elk Blue Hard Leaf Sage) Soft baby blue & white flowers in abundance coupled with strong growth make this an ideal new variety for hummingbird gardeners. the specific epitaph, durifolia, means hard leaf.  We don't find the leaf exactly hard but it is lovely and durable.

(Elk Sonoran Red Pineapple Sage)  A new Pineapple Sage variety that has the traditional fruity fragrance but blooms much earlier in the season than the traditionally grown clone.  Short and compact, it resembles the varieties 'Honey Melon' and 'Tangerine' size wise, but has the unmistakable aroma of ripe pineapples.

(Elk Dwarf Balkan Sage) Violet-blue whorls of flowers and plentiful, fuzzy, basal leaves that reach an impressive length of 18 inches are two notable features about this hardy, herbaceous perennial, which is native to western Asia. This is an extremely compact variety with dark green leaves, quite different in appearance compared with the common species.
(Makino) The unusual flower color and short, mounding growth of this clone of Salvia glabrascens -- a woodland Japanese native -- make it distinctive. The blossoms are nearly clear yellow with striking purple beelines.

(Elk Pomegranate Autumn Sage) We're proud to say that this is an FBTS cultivar. It is one of the finest dark flowered, compact Autumn Sage varieties we have seen. Its extraordinarily large, raspberry blossoms bloom from spring into fall.

(Elk Argentina Skies Anise-Scented Sage)  Developed at FBTS, this new introduction is superior to the old standby, 'Argentina Skies'.  Superior growth and earlier flowering make it a must-have choice for hummingbird gardeners.

(Purple Haze Sage) The very best purple Anise Scented Sage, period - the result of years of careful breeding aimed at developing a reliable, free flowering and easy to grow variety suitable for growing countrywide.

(Mexican Bush Sage or Velvet Sage) This variety of Mexican Bush Sage has purple and white flowers that bloom from summer into fall. Fuzzy leaves, stems and calyxes are characteristic of its species, so this native of Mexico and Central America is also called Velvet Sage.
(Giant Dan-shen) This strain is highly vigorous and grows larger than others of this species. The flowers are larger as well, and the inflorescence are taller and longer lasting. We are happy to offer this variety for the first time in 2019.

(Hybrid River Sage) This beautiful new plant is a FBTS hybrid between to rare South American species.  In growth and flower it is intermediate between the parents, and fast growing because of it's hybrid vigor.

(Ground Ivy Sage) The true blue flowers, displayed above the large leaves and spreading habit makes this a very special plant. As a ground cover in shady locations it has no peer. Fast growing and free blooming, it attracts hummingbirds too.
(Elk Giant Orange Scarlet Sage) This is the largest variety we know of, a true giant that can reach over 8 feet tall. The floral display if equally gigantic, with displays sometimes 16 inches long. And orange - no doubt about it a vivid orange that is a beacon to hummingbirds.

(Elk White Scarlet Sage) The first tall white Salvia splendens variety, this new introduction from Flowers by the Sea is vigorous and free flowering all season long.