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FBTS Introductions
FBTS Introductions

The Flowers by the Sea breeding program is focused on creating superior new varieties, plants better than those currently in cultivation.  We carefully test potential new introductions in a wide variety of climates, to ensure that our plants will grow well for you.

Our 2015 introduction, VIBE Ignition Purple, has become a bestseller nationwide and is hands down the finest deep purple Jame Sage.  BODACIOUS Rhythm and Blues has replaced Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' in uncountable US gardens, and is quickly becoming a favorite in Europe.  New VIBE and BODACIOUS varieties are in the testing phase, and will become available shortly.
This category contains all of the plants we have introduced over the years.
(VIBE® Ignition Cranberry Sage) A perfect companion to our Best of Breed 'Ignition White', Ignition Sunrise has deep cranberry red flowers that are rare in a Jame Sage hybrid. They bloom spring to fall for your enjoyment.
(VIBE® Ignition Fuchsia Sage) A perfect companion to our Best of Breed 'Ignition Purple', Ignition Fuschia has velvety deep fuschia pink flowers that are rare in a Jame Sage hybrid. They bloom spring to fall for your enjoyment.

(Salvia VIBE®'Ignition Purple') Purple once was a color reserved for royalty. Salvia VIBE® 'Ignition Purple' has deep royal purple flowers that are rare in a Jame Sage hybrid.  They bloom spring to fall for your enjoyment.

(VIBE® Ignition Sunrise Sage) A perfect companion to our Best of Breed 'Ignition White', Ignition Sunrise has velvety bicolor pink and orange flowers that are rare in a Jame Sage hybrid. They bloom spring to fall for your enjoyment.

(VIBE® Ignition White Sage) Never before have we seen such a pure white among the species to which Jame Sages are related. We love this purity as well as the bright green calyxes supporting the large flowers of Elk White Ice and giving it an overall crisp look.

(Elk Bella Rosa Jame Sage) The large, creamy pink and burgundy flowers of this sage are stately in contrast with its deep green, veined, ovate foliage that is pleasantly fragrant. Elk Bella Rosa is as elegant as its name implies. It's also long blooming.

(Elk Blue Moon II Jame Sage) The phrase "blue moon" signifies a rare event. Elk Blue Moon Jame Sage is an unusual combination for a Salvia x jamensis hybrid -- dusky violet flowers with pale-blue throats, dark blue calyxes and mid-green foliage.

Note:  This is a new (2014) cultivar that we chose to replace the original 'Elk Blue Moon'.  It is a superior grower, and otherwise very similar.

(Elk Blue Moon III Jame Sage) Dark calyxes cup dusky blue flowers that age to lavender and rise up from the veined, mid-green foliage of Salvia x ‘Elk Blue Moon III’.

(Elk Blue Note Sage) In Europe and Australia there is a popular and widely used seed grown Salvia variety called 'Blue Note'. Our offering, 'Elk Blue Note', is the result of several generations of careful breeding and selection.

(Elk Chantily Lace Jame Sage) What color are the flowers of this FBTS introduction?  Lavender? Periwinkle? Taffy?  Yes to all for this hard to describe but easy to love plant.

(Elk Cotton Candy Jame Sage) Rosy hairs on the upper lip and pale white throats highlight the translucent, blush pink blossoms of Elk Cotton Candy Jame Sage. Dark, deeply contrasting calyxes support the medium-size flowers.

(Elk Cranberry Red Sage) With larger-than-expected deep red flowers and dark stems, this outstanding new variety from FBTS is without a doubt a "Best of Breed" plant.

(Elk Crimson King Jame Sage) Sometimes words fail us when trying to describe a unique new color. Definitely red, but with a clear blue overlay and a blue eye. Featuring masses of flowers that delight pollinators, this FBTS introduction is new for 2017.

(Elk Grape Ape Jame Sage) Bountiful flowers that are larger than normal for Jame Sage cover Salvia x ‘Elk Grape Ape’ in a cloud of purple that is sort of amethyst to pinot gris in color.

(Elk Lemon Light Jame Sage) We are proud to offer this luminescent, pure yellow Salvia x jamensis -- a color breakthrough from our own breeding program. The bright, light blossoms cool the landscape similar to white flowers, but with colorful impact.  The glossy green leaves are quite small - a very attractive and distinctive characteristic.

(Elk Morning Sun Jame Sage) Kelly green and black calyxes support the long blooming, creamy white and pale pink flowers of Salvia x ‘Elk Morning Sun’. A waterwise sage, it likes average watering but resists drought.

(Elk Orange Spires Sage) Similar in habit to the popular 'Scarlet Spires', this new variety from FBTS has large bright orange flowers that are irresistible to hummingbirds. It is more compact and floriferous than 'Scarlet Spires' as well.

(Elk Pink Cloud Jame Sage II) Abounding with clusters of large, soft pink flowers on spreading branches, Salvia x ‘Elk Pink Cloud II’ looks like a fluffy, cumulonimbus cloud.


(Elk Pink Cloud Sage) Abounding with clusters of large, soft pink flowers on spreading branches, Salvia x 'Elk Pink Cloud' has a fluffy, cumulonimbus look when spilling over the edges of a hanging basket

(Elk Plum Parfait Jame Sage) It's a toss-up as to which are more dramatic -- the deep purple calyxes so dark they almost look black or the plum-colored flowers with pronounced white beelines. Elk Plum Parfait is a rare treat.

(Elk Raspberry Moose Sage) The deep raspberry flowers of this Salvia x Jamensis look good enough to eat, like spoonfuls of a silky, mouthwatering mousse dessert. Yet the 'moose' in its name isn't a misspelling. It refers to flowers that are larger than normal for a Jame Sage.

(Elk Screamin' Scarlet Sage) Wow. No, double wow. This brilliantly colored new variety is nothing short of stunning. The glossy green leaves are the perfect foil for the flowers, which at times are so numerous that the are all you can see.

(Elk Smokey Grape Jame Sage) We think the dusky lavender flowers of Salvia x ‘Elk Smokey Grape’ look like the dusty, pale reddish-blue of Malbec grapes. This is a floriferous beauty. 


(Elk Twilight's Rosy Glow Jame Sage) Rosy red hairs accentuate the upper lip of each dusky, salmon-pink blossom of this cheery Jame Sage. The flowers are tiny but abundant and are supported by bright green calyxes.

(Elk Xanadu Jame Sage) Like the magical, fictional land of Xanadu, there’s something heavenly about this sage. The flowers of Salvia x ‘Elk Xanadu’ look ethereal due to the bluish cast of their magenta-pink blossoms supported by deep magenta and green calyxes. It's a powerful attraction for pollinators, including hummingbirds.

(Mellow Yellow Sage) Yellow-flowering Salvias always command attention in the garden.   An intentional hybrid between the very rare and difficult to grow Salvia bulleyana and the energetic Salvia campanulata, this plant embodies the best characteristics of each parent.

(Elk Vermilion Tropical Sage) Tall and full of large, orange flowers, Salvia coccinea 'Vermilion' is a clonal variety developed by FBTS.

(Envy Hybrid Sage)  A natural hybrid found in Peru and Bolivia, the parentage of this special variety is at this point unknown.  The uniquely colored flowers are abundant all season long, and the hummingbirds love it.

(Hybrid Bolivian Sage) This hybrid between Salvia orbignaei and Salvia haenkei occurs in the low-to-mid elevations of the Bolivian Andes. Recreated in the greenhouse from superior patents, this is a select variety with stunning beauty.