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Salvias by Culture
Salvias by Culture

Every garden is different, but there are some common niches that need to be filled: dry regions, shady spots or full sun areas.

Being one of the most diverse group of flowering plants, the genus Salvia has members that will grow almost everywhere. Sun or shade, warm or cool, moist or dry, tall or short - here we list the Sages we grow in groups by their cultural needs.

Every garden varies based on regional growing conditions, such as average temperatures, days of sunshine and amount of rainfall. Gardens also contains microclimates, which may be caused by variations within a yard due to landscaping, building structures, proximity to heavily trafficked roadways or nearby natural formations, such as lakes.

However, common cultural challenges include drought or an abundance of rainfall and lots of shade or sun. Some type of Salvia usually can come to the rescue. Being one of the most diverse groups of flowering plants in the world, the Salvia genus contains species to meet a wide variety of needs. There are kinds that can thrive in sun or shade, warm or cool environments, moist or dry soils. Most Salvias have one common sticking point, and that is the need for good soil drainage.

The sages in this list are divided into groups by cultural needs such as sunlight, moisture, heat and shade. If you have questions about gardening in your region or microclimates in your yard, please contact us and we'll help.

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