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About Our Farm: The Dang Dairy Cat Came Back

First posted on Mar 3, 2013

About Our Farm: The Dang Dairy Cat Came Back

Meet Felix, our rather large, black-and-white farm cat who acts like a dog except for being a mouser par excellence. He is the best friend and roughhousing partner of Andre, our largish and highly intelligent Briard-Beauceron dog.

With Felix and Andre around, we don't need no stinkin' Hollywood chase scenes for our viewing pleasure. Instead, we watch -- and get out of the way -- when Felix and Andre run, roll, bash, crash and generally send the fur flying across the farmyard.

It wasn't always this raucous at Flowers by the Sea. Once upon a time, we ran a goat dairy on another part of our 45 acres far from our farmhouse. That's where Felix lived with many others of his feline ilk, because rodent control is particularly important in dairy facilities.

When we closed the dairy and left the barn and cats behind for a tenant, Felix was of another mind. Just like the cat of song that kept coming back, Felix wouldn't stay put. Every time we returned him to the dairy barn, Felix trekked back to our house. So now he is a mighty greenhouse mouser.

Felix can be fierce and bossy with our other cats. Unfortunately,cats sometimes are harder on their fellow felines than dogs are. That's why Felix is king of the yard and not of the house. He doesn't know how to be an enlightened despot.

However, his friend, Andre, is discerning and one of the hardest workers among our furry farm staff. Andre comes from a long line of brilliant farm dogs that go back to the 16th century, during which they served French peasants well.

In short, Andre's favor must not be disregarded. So Felix rules over the rodents of our outdoor dominion, and we step aside when Andre won't stay away from the cat that kept coming back.

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