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Ask Mr. Sage: How to Use the 'Email Me When Back in Stock' Button

First posted on Aug 9, 2014

Ask Mr. Sage: How to Use the 'Email Me When Back in Stock' Button

Dear Mr. Sage,
I planned a garden of Turkish sages yesterday based on your online catalog. I was just getting ready to place an order for them when I discovered that one of my favorites isn't available. Will more Salvia cadmica be available anytime soon? What should I do?

Turkish Sage Enthusiast

Dear Turkish Sage Enthusiast,
We apologize for the inconvenience. Our stock levels constantly go up and down, especially changing quickly from spring through summer. Wand Sage (Salvia cadmica) is a favorite that we carry year round. However, due to its popularity, we sometimes run out. Please use our "Email me when back in stock" button on this plant's description page.

The button is in the Options box at the bottom of the plant description page. It's just beneath the "Out of Stock" button. To receive a notification when stock is available, click on the orange and white "Email me when back in stock" box. You'll be asked to input your email address and click on "Submit." As soon as the plant is restocked, we'll send you an email. (Please don't worry about us selling or lending your email to anyone. That is something we never do.)

Go ahead with the remainder of your order. We suggest leaving spaces in your Turkish sage garden for the Salvia cadmica when it finally arrives.

Also keep in mind that some plants may be out of stock if they are ones that we only sell at specific times of year, such as Turkish Tea Sage (Salvia aucheri), which is one of our Spring Limited plants.

When you open the description page for Turkish Tea Sage, a "Limited Availability Plant" button appears on the description page. Click on it to learn why we limit delivery of some plants to spring.

If you've missed the availability period, please click on the "Email me when back in stock" button so we can send you a reminder when the plant restocks.

Thanks for your question,

Mr. Sage

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