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Editorial Credits

Editorial Credits
Editor in Chief - Kermit Carter
R&D - Vikki Carter
Staff Writer - Alicia Rudnicki
Editorial Support: Ruth de Jauregui

Photographic permissions: The photos published in the Flowers by the Sea catalog and our Everything Salvias blog are the property of FBTS or photographers who have agreed to their publication in the FBTS catalog or blog. To use one of our photos, please contact FBTS requesting permission and citing the particular page or story in which the photo appears.

The cartoon on the Shipping page is licensed from Conde Nast, Inc. All rights reserved.

Regarding Medicinal Sages: Please remember that the information presented on this site is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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Ask Mr Sage is one of the most popular categories in our Everything Salvias blog. Here are a few of the latest posts:
Ask Mr Sage: What do I with a dry root ball?:

Plants may wither even if you regularly water them. When the ground surrounding a new planting's root ball is moist but the roots remain dry, that indicates moisture isn't transferring...

Ask Mr. Sage: How to Place Advance Orders with FBTS:

Flowers by the Sea is a mail-order nursery eliminating craziness from garden planning with advance orders and customer selection of shipping dates. Ask Mr. Sage is a regular feature based on calls...

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Planning for Salvia garden success requires following the rule of selecting the right plant for the right place. Desert sages aren't appropriate for the damp Southeast. Moisture-loving ones...
Ask Mr. Sage: How Should I Prune my Salvias?:

Flowers by the Sea Online Nursery specializes in Salvias and often receives questions about how to prune them. Although getting good at pruning takes practice, Salvias rebound quickly if you make...

Ask Mr. Sage: Do You Offer Free Shipping?:

Like free lunches, free shipping is a myth. Flowers by the Sea doesn't offer free shipping, because it would require increasing plant prices to cover the cost of shipping. Read more to learn...

Ask Mr. Sage: Best Time to Plant Drought Resistant CA Natives:
Drought resistant California native sages thrive when planted in fall. It's easier for roots to become established when soil is warm, air temperatures are cooler and precipitation is increasing....