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Pantone Pageant: Shady Salvias on a Mixed Blue Designer Patio

First posted on Mar 16, 2013

Pantone Pageant: Shady Salvias on a Mixed Blue Designer Patio

Got shade? Go ahead and get blue about it in the garden. We'll hold your hand, listen to your concerns and help you pick just the right hues to achieve a designer look based on the Pantone corporation's 2013 report for the design industry.
No, we aren't designers, but we enjoy playing with the Pantone color matching system in the garden. For example, here is an idea for creating a bluesy, fragrant arrangement of container plants for a partially shady patio.

We've based our choices on two plants that are well matched to Pantone colors 'Dusk Blue 16-4120' and 'Monaco Blue 19-3964.'

We suggest growing the dusky blue Somalian Mountain Sage (Salvia somalensis) in a lively looking planter next to large container, including a narrow trellis, for the long-blooming, royal, Monaco-like hue of Blue Vine Sage, (S. cacaliifolia) which is a climber but not a true vine.

Both plants love the climate of USDA Zones 8 to 11. Why not put them in the same pot? It all comes down to how much water to drink, a matter upon which they don't agree. Somalian Mountain Sage likes to stay on the dry side, whereas Blue Vine Sage loves lots of moisture. Different soaks for different folks.

Really feeling bluesy and need some more shady Salvia suggestions? Just click here to give us a call or write a note. We'll help you compose the blues for your designer patio.

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