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Everything Salvias: Shade Gardening

Whether you need shade plants for conditions that are damp, dry or somewhere in between, we have many Salvias and companion plants that are likely to meet your needs. When considering sun requirements for lower-lit parts of the yard, these are the main categories of shade to consider:

  • Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade -- This is for plants that grow best with some full sunshine, but during the cooler part of the day.
  • Partial Shade -- This is for plants that need dappled sunlight throughout the day.
  • Full Shade -- Plants in this category do well all, or almost all, of the day in deep shade where there is such little light that no shadows are cast.

Our blog offers planting suggestions to support many combinations of moisture and shade in a wide variety of USDA Cold Hardiness Zones. If you have questions about shade gardening please feel free to contact us.

Made for Shade: Japanese Woodland Salvias

Posted: Friday, August 21, 2015

Sturdy, shade-loving Japanese Salvias are lovely additions to woodland gardens with their lush, large-leafed foliage and delicate-looking flowers in colors including pinks, purples and yellows. They're ideal for bordering shady paths where they invite visitors to pause for close-up views. Flowers by the Sea suggests Japanese species for woodland gardens and organizes them according to their cold hardiness.

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