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Dig Deep & Fast for Salvias in Expanded Quick Look Galleries

First posted on Dec 15, 2020

Dig Deep & Fast for Salvias in Expanded Quick Look Galleries

Time always seems to be in short supply for pleasant activities like planning a garden. So, speedy access to well-illustrated, well-organized information is important when searching an online nursery catalog for ideas and plants to purchase.

To help you dig deep and fast into the Salvias and companion plants grown at Flowers by the Sea, we’ve expanded Quick Look on the FBTS website. It's a tool that organizes many of the plants we grow into helpful groupings offering picture galleries, blog articles, and information about individual plant properties.

Taking a Digital Shortcut

Quick Look gives you a shortcut into our catalog with its arrangement of a wide variety of FBTS plants into categories such as popular Salvia species and companion choices, flower colors, pollinator food sources, and regional favorites. For example, the pollinator category leads you to subcategories about bee, butterfly, and hummingbird plants. Each subcategory opens to a picture gallery and also includes tabs titled "From Everything Salvias" and "Plant Properties Table."

Everything Salvias is our blog, and its tab in the subcategory connects you to helpful articles related to the subcategory's plants. The Properties tab leads to a rapid overview of each plant's size, flower color, bract color (a foliage characteristic), and sun requirements.

Are you in love with variegated or fragrant Salvias? You’ll find galleries and information for those choices via Quick Look in the Special Groups category. Maybe you need low water groundcovers for your California yard. They’re in a group within the Just for California category. Perhaps you’ve heard about what great hummingbird attractants Cuphea and Agastache flowers are. You’ll find them in the Salvia Companions category.

Accessing Quick Look

The way to access all this information is via the Quick Look links in the header menu and footer Information list on our homepage. Click on either link to access the Quick Look menu of categories. Once you open a category, click on a subcategory to reach its wealth of information. By scanning the photos in a subcategory's gallery, you gain a quick impression of how the plants might fit in your garden. Clicking on the individual photos leads to their plant description pages.


It’s important to us to simplify access to our website and plants, because we grow and sell hundreds of different Salvias and companion species. It’s also important to us to answer your questions if you ever need help with your Salvia garden, so please contact us. We want to make you sigh in relief, not frustration.

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Alicia Rudnicki for FBTS


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