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Mountain Sage Picture Gallery

Salvia microphylla, or Mountain Sage as it is commonly called, is among the best hummingbird flowers. Hummingbirds love reds and pinks, which abound in this species. The tubular blossoms are filled with rich nectar.

Mountain Sage tolerates heat and drought. It is native to the dry, rocky lands of Southern Arizona and the mountainous areas of northern and central Mexico where it is known as “Mirto de Montes” or “myrtle of the mountains.” It blooms in spring and again in fall.

Despite the aridity and high elevations of its homelands, Salvia microphylla is adaptable to a broad range of climates and grows beautifully at sea level in humid coastal areas.

Although closely related to its Southwestern and Mexican relative Salvia greggii, this species has foliage that is more lush with larger, deeper green leaves.