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Gentian Sage - Salvia patens Picture Gallery

Whether you need landscaping ideas for front yard or back, Salvia patens soothes yet commands the eye. These Gentian Sages, best known for their true blues, also command hummingbirds. The birds seek them out for rich nectar, especially when they are part of a broader color palette including red Salvias.

Although the popularity of the species is primarily based on its true blue varieties, other types include whites, pale blues and pinks. Compact dwarf species are also available and are spreading the species popularity to shady patios.

A number of Salvia patens are full sun plants, but all thrive in partial shade. Give them rich, well-drained soil and water regularly. They are among the best container plants, but also look lovely as borders, path edging and groundcovers. This list contains species for sun or shade as well as a full range of colors.