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Salvia Small Talk: Atmospheric Rivers & Bog Sage

First posted on Mar 13, 2013

Salvia Small Talk: Atmospheric Rivers & Bog Sage

If you live along the Northern California coast, you may have heard the phrases “atmospheric river,” “AR” or “pineapple express.” They are terms that meteorologists use to describe a long, narrow plume of moisture created when a moist mass of air from Hawaii joins forces with a wet air along the coast.

Whammo, zammo! The heavy rainfall from this marriage pours for days and sometimes causes flooding. If you are a Salvia enthusiast caught in the deluge, this is when you say your thanks if you planted water-loving Bog Sage (Salvia uliginosa). It is forgiving plant that can tolerate saturated or dry soils. Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and gardeners love its bright blue flowers. Don’t get caught in a pineapple express zone without one.

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