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Salvia Small Talk: Back Off, Bunnies!

First posted on Feb 5, 2013

Salvia Small Talk: Back Off, Bunnies!

Although rabbits will give any plant a nibble when food is scarce, they don’t like the flavor of Salvias. Yet new, fresh plants taste palatable to picky wildlife. By encircling new Salvias with chicken wire, you can keep pesky bunnies away until your Salvias toughen up and taste yucky enough to keep wildlife away. Bury the wire about 8 inches into the ground. Also, make sure that the circumference of your plant cage is big enough to accommodate the Salvia at mature size.

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Karen in Seattle 2 years ago
We'd thought salvias were unpalatable to rabbits, but rabbits are devouring our salvias' tender new leaves as they re-emerge from a winter's sleep. This post solves the mystery, and gives helpful advice for defensive maneuvers. Thank you!
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