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Salvia Small Talk: Growing a Native Sage Garden

First posted on Jul 14, 2013

Salvia Small Talk: Growing a Native Sage Garden

Most native plant gardens encompass species native to the region or state in which a gardener lives. Aside from pride in the species, gardeners often select native plants because they are better at fighting local pests and acclimating to regional climate.

However, some native gardens -- such as the New England Wild Flower Society's famous Garden in the Woods -- are based on a broad variety of plants native across America.

The Salvia enthusiast who wants to feature plants native to America can find a particularly rich array in California and Texas. To access different lists of native sages at Flowers by the Sea, click on the 'Salvias by Origin' link in the green 'Plant Categories' index on the left side of most pages on our website.

We aren't sticklers for political boundaries; the limits set by nature's geographical boundaries sometimes make more sense to us in relation to what plants we consider to be among a region's native flora. Consequently, our California listings include at least one plant from Baja or 'Lower California,' which is part of Mexico.

We highly recommend the Baja plant, Cedros Islands Sage (Salvia cedrocensis), for a dry native garden honoring California. A Texas native garden would not be complete without a variety of Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) or Mealy Cup Sage (Salvia farinacea), both of which are native to Mexico as well as the Lone Star State.

Three of our favorite links to native garden information include ones from the Native Plant Society of Texas, Pitzer College’s Tongva Native Garden in Southern California and a private family's backyard paradise named the Gottlieb Native Garden, which offers inspiring nature photos. Enjoy your cyber journeys through these gardens and our catalog. If you need any ideas for creating your own native garden, please contact us.


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