Salvia Small Talk: Unusual Pineapple Sage Culinary Treats

First posted on Mar 9, 2014

Salvia Small Talk: Unusual Pineapple Sage Culinary Treats

Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) has fragrant, mid-green foliage with a scent likened to freshly cut pineapple. Its leaves and flowers are both edible. While it's common in cake and bread recipes, Salvia elegans also provides excellent flavoring to herb butters and marmalade. Some cultivars, such as Salvia elegans 'Tangerine' offer a citrusy fragrance.

Recipes for cooking with pineapple sage are plentiful online, such as ones from the Herb Society of America for a smoothie, pound cake and fruit salad. The Society also recommends making an herb butter with chopped pineapple leaves and blossoms. 

A recipe at the website gently stirs in whole sprigs of Pineapple Sage to homemade orange marmalade for flavor and color. Both the marmalade and herb butter would be wonderful treats for a coffee break or tea time.

If you like to create recipes with Salvia elegans or other edible sages, please contact us to share your favorites.

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