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Salvia in the Style of 'Wendy's Wish'

Popularity of three Australian hybrid Salvias — known as the Wishes — grew so much in the past decade that new series of Wish-like sages began emerging. These include the Skyscraper and Fashion sages, which were developed by U.S. companies.

Although exact parentage is unclear for some of these plants, we do know that all Salvias in the style of Wendy’s Wish are crosses of North and South American sages and provide long lasting bloom that hummingbirds love.

All of the sages pictured here grow well in coastal full sun locations where year-round temperatures are moderate. In areas where summers are hot, they appreciate some partial shade during the hottest times of day. Wish-style sages adapt to many kinds of soil as long as it drains well. Average watering based on local conditions is sufficient, but these are moisture-loving plants.

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New at FBTS: Ember's Wish & Love and Wishes Salvias:

Plants contribute to our lives in many ways -- as sources of beauty, building materials, clothing, food, fragrance, medicine and oxygen. Add hope and fulfillment to the list, because that is what three abundantly blooming Salvias from Australia add to the lives of seriously ill children. These plants form the Wish Collection -- Wendy's Wish Sage, Ember's Wish Sage, and Love and Wishes Sage. Flowers by the Sea is one of the first online nurseries in America to sell all three. Although we have grown and sold Wendy's Wish for a number of years, Ember's Wish and Love and Wishes are new at FBTS.

6 Salvias for Shade:

Most gardeners associate plants in the genus Salvia with full sun, rocky soil, drought and semi-arid native lands. Although a number of sages fit this picture, far more appreciate loamy, fertile garden soil. Some require lots of water. Also, a large number of sages thrive in partial shade, and some tolerate full shade. Here are six of the many shade lovers that Flowers by the Sea grows.

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Randy Collins was surprised when he got hooked on horticulture following retirement. But after a move to South Carolina, he was even more surprised at how deer destroyed his gardens until he began growing lots of mint family (Lamiaceae) plants like Salvias. It inspired him to write Stop...and Smell the Mints.

Properties for plants in the Salvia in the Style of 'Wendy's Wish'
Name Mature height Mature width Flower color Bract color Exposure
Salvia x 'Wendy's Wish' 3 to 4 feet 3 to 4 feet Strong Purplish Red Strong Yellowish Green Full sun to partial shade
Salvia x 'Skyscraper Pink' 2 to 3 feet 2 to 3 feet Very Pale Purple Grayish Red Partial to full shade
Salvia x 'Skyscraper Orange' 2 to 3 feet 2 to 3 feet Strong Red Moderate Reddish Orange Partial to full shade
Salvia Fashion Burgundy 2 to 3 feet 3 to 4 feet Deep Reddish Purple Dark Purple Full sun to partial shade
* We have not yet defined this plants colors