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Salvia Small Talk: What to Do When Plants Are Out of Stock

First posted on Jul 9, 2014

Salvia Small Talk: What to Do When Plants Are Out of Stock

Flowers by the Sea is a specialty nursery shipping plants year round. However, at any given time we may be out of stock for a plant that you want and that we normally carry when you want to order it.

Never fear! You can still let us know that you want the plant, and we will get it to you as soon as possible. If the details page of a plant description in our catalog indicates that the species is out of stock, click on the button. When the plant is available again, we'll email you immediately.




Our stock levels constantly go up and down, especially during spring. This even happens with plants that are regularly available throughout the year. We do our best to estimate the supply to keep on hand, but demand sometimes surprises us. If we run short of a plant at a time when we would normally sell it, there likely are more sets developing in our greenhouses.

That said, we don't sell all of our hundreds of plant species year round. To accommodate a wide array of choices, we limit the availability of some species to particular times of year and propagate others only upon special orders. Some species -- especially ones primarily planted as annuals -- are only available as part of our Spring Limited Program. Others, including rare and unusual Salvias, are available through our Special Order Program.

By the way, if you get antzy waiting for an email informing you that a plant is back in stock, it's okay to contact us. We'll do our best to answer your question in timely fashion. But please be patient, because, similar to Mother Nature, we have our limitations.


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