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Everyone knows the importance of small talk in daily life. Our Salvia Small Talk articles are quick looks at useful topics ranging from cooking with many kinds of edible sages to understanding how USDA cold hardiness zones affect planting decisions. When you “listen in” to what our Small Talk posts are saying, here are some examples of what you will “hear”:

  • Helpful tips about topics such as garden planning
  • Discussions of basic cultivation, including waterwise gardening
  • Suggestions for dealing safely with garden pests
  • Green ideas for recycling and repurposing in the garden
  • Snatches of horticultural history and
  • Bits of wisdom about wildlife, whether beneficial or pesky.

If you want to propose a Salvia Small Talk subject, please call or send us a message. Let's make small talk.

Salvia Small Talk: Slugs & Snails

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Synopsis: Cleaning up leaf litter, weeds and mulch around Salvias can greatly reduce snail and slug attacks.

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