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This has been the best packaging of plants I have ever seen. They arrived in good condition and I will plant them today.
Annemarie Bristow who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 29, 2015

Very satisfying service. Plants arrived as promised, though one was damaged. I notified fbts and received a refund. Plants are doing well, as they were healthy and we followed the complete and understandable instructions for preparation and planting. Many thanks. I have recommended this company to others.
Carol Sherrill who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 28, 2015

the nelson cuphea looked very, very healthy with generous leafage and a strong root system
dooner who rated us 7 / 5 on Mar 28, 2015

My last plants were broken on arrival.I called and was told to wait a month.Yup! They are dead as doornails.
patricia small who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 28, 2015

Was more than satisfied with my well packed and large plants delivered on time. Healthy and in bud and in flower.Pleasure dealing with you.
Rich who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 26, 2015

Always healthy, great looking plants when I unpack them. Really appreciate the huge selection of unusual plants that have become so hard to find. Thanks you FBTS!
christine kelley who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 23, 2015

Beautiful plants, nice and healthy and growing great. Excellent packing and fast shipping. Also great communication. Will do business with again.
Rick Bianchi who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 20, 2015

Flowers by the Sea is one of my favorite nurseries; buying plants from them reminds me of kennels that raise puppies in the house as family dogs until they are old enough to sell: these are well loved plants: well grown, well documented, well shipped. Pop them in the ground and stand back. I don't think I've ever had a problem with a plant I've gotten here, even after they've been in my clumsy and inexpert care for months and years. I recommend this nursery to everyone.
Katie Percy who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 12, 2015

This is the kind of plant nursery that is love at first sight. Whether you are opening their meticulously well-packaged boxes full of robust, rare and beautiful plants or whether you are just perusing their website packed full of information, photos and videos, you are certain to find something you'll love about this nursery. In the days of giant, chain-stores and corporate profits prioritized over all else, this nursery shows us how a substainably-minded, hard working, nature-loving plant nursery can excel in quality while still offering rare plants at a very fair price. Not only will you love your plants but you'll feel that warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you do the right thing: These two plant lovers Care. This care is extended to customer service in their willingness to speak with customers(at length!), share stories, track feedback on each plant to ensure better siting/zoning. This company really is what is great about the US: Hard work, strong ethics and a superior product.
William (in Washington state) who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 8, 2015

I purchased an order of 30 salvias, milkweeds and agastache from FBTS. The plants were packaged well and arrived large and healthy, with the exception of two plants whose branches had snapped during shipping. The plants that were not damaged in shipping were surprisingly large, with the largest being about a foot tall and eight inches wide, and had healthy roots and leaves.
Saumitra Kelkar who rated us 10 / 5 on Feb 7, 2015

The packaging was great, the plants healthy and delivery was as promised. You've also asked me to review the individual plants but that will have to be later after they've grown in my garden - looking forward to see how they perform.
David Swingle who rated us 10 / 5 on Feb 7, 2015

Flowers by the Sea is a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous, fragrant, resilient plants; in particular their selection of Salvias or \"Sages\" is spectacular in its range and diversity. The 8 new species that now grace my garden arrived from fbts 3 days after placing my orders. They were packed flawlessly, fully rooted and ready to grow with plenty of fresh foliage! I could hardly believe I had received such amazing plants and quality at these prices. I can see these people love what they are doing, and they offer loads of useful information and links, and when I called with a question, customer service was very pleasant and professional. Enjoy their website, and buy their will not be disappointed.
Stephen Prins who rated us 10 / 5 on Jan 23, 2015

Loved the fullness of the plants, they looked healthy, but about half were VERY root bound. We had to transplant them very shortly after they arrived. Some are now planted out and we will watch to see their development. We liked the plants, but if/when we purchase additional plants we would prefer them not to be so root bound.
Henry Varney who rated us 10 / 5 on Jan 20, 2015

I am 81 years old and have cultivated rhododendrons, camellias, dwarf conifers, etc. for over 50 years. During that time I have come to know many excellent growers and nurserymen. I have never encountered anything comparable to fbts!! That Kermit and Vikki Carter provide an outstanding selection of exceptionally grown plants is only the beginning. They have set a incomparable standard by the glorious website that they have created to make ordering and understanding salvias a pleasure. The information which they provide to the prospective buyer, as well as their clients through the fbts blogs and exceptional videos is virtually priceless for the initiate and welcome for the experienced grower who may be new to Salvias.
Gerry Czamanske who rated us 10 / 5 on Jan 13, 2015

Amazing selection of Salvias! Great prices. Beautiful, healthy plants! What a treat to have such a wonderful nursery!
sheila who rated us 10 / 5 on Dec 24, 2014

read the reviews before ordering, received my plants in excellent condition ,very happy I found this website.
alberto flores who rated us 10 / 5 on Dec 23, 2014

The Salvia \"Anthony Parker\" that I received were big, healthy, blooming and multi-stemmed! My only suggestion would be for the plants to be a little less root-bound when shipped, as it makes roughing them out for transplanting stressful for me -- and the plant? The Puya alpestris are stunning, and the shipping charges are reasonable, in contrast to many nurseries. Dave Sherron, Houston TX
dave sherron who rated us 10 / 5 on Dec 15, 2014

Incredible beauty and stunning selection!!!! All the specimens we bought of the hundreds of rare and wonderful varieties available at FBTS were healthy and thriving after their inception and rearing in the huge, state-of-the-art greenhouses, in which many hummingbirds overwinter, and gorgeous exterior salvia gardens at Flowers By The Sea! ...We are salvia enthusiasts, and have pretty much exhausted the varieties that most nurseries have to offer, so we did an internet quest looking for new varieties, especially those that bloom in winter, & discovered FBTS. If you are unfamiliar with the salvia species, of which there are over 2000 varieties, including irdinary kitchen sages, then you are in for a great treat--perennials providing riots of color in all shapes and sizes, beloved by hummingbirds, bees, and a host of other beneficial insects. Most of them deer and gopher-resistant, if you live in a rural area. Great for hedges, mixed borders, and beds!!! 10 -star customer service, too!!!
Mary Bull & Robert Krebsbach who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 30, 2014

Plants were large and healthy! I'll be ordering from them again.
Barbara Williams who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 22, 2014

Impressed with the prompt and friendly service. Plants received in good healthy condition. Am enjoying the growing process and looking forward to the beautiful blooms.
Jo Litterini who rated us 8 / 5 on Nov 6, 2014

All four Salvias arrived in excellent condition. Set out immediately and noticed great root structure in all as I removed from pot. Set out in fall in Texas. First freeze scheduled for week of 11-12-14. Mulched well. Crossing fingers. NH
Nancy Hancock who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 5, 2014

FBTS is a valuable gem I discovered and could not be more pleased. My first delivery was not in good shape at all due to being out of town when delivered and they were packaged too long. However, the owner made the effort to satisfy his customer by replacing the plants and sending me a bonus plant. Now in this day and age it is rare to find a company willing to go the extra mile but they sure did and have a customer that will buy from them again!!
A. Miller who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 22, 2014

Although the plants from FBTS are smaller than you would get if you bought them in gallons, they go into the ground really well! I recently redid an area of the front yard with a combination of gallon plants from the local nursery and smaller plants from FBTS, and while almost all the plants from gallon pots look stressed and partially died back, the plants from FBTS all look happy and healthy. Thanks for selling quality plants!
Brooke M who rated us 9 / 5 on Oct 20, 2014

Everything was packed beautifully and is settling in well in Portland. Very happy with several healthy plants, and they arrived quickly. Thanks!
Margaret Miles who rated us 8 / 5 on Oct 15, 2014

I love Flowers by the Sea ! I always get quality products and service from you . The Salvias I’ve purchased are thriving and the milkweed is already starting to spread. I hope to have a full milkweed forest next summer to aid the Monarchs on their journey . I am glad I happened upon you .
spencer cornish who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 10, 2014