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Anise Scented Sage Picture Gallery

Easy-to-Grow Group of Sages

If you are looking for a hummingbird's favorite flower, one top species is Salvia guaranitica, which is known for its lavish blue and purple blossoms. Commonly called Anise-Scented Sage, these plants that smell like licorice are native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In the wild, Salvia guaranitica is a woodland sage plant growing on the edge of streams in forest clearings. Although it loves water, it does well with an average amount of supplemental watering dependent on local rainfall.

Anise-Scented Sages are also adaptable to a wide variety of soils, including ones without good drainage. As to sun exposure, these heat-tolerant perennials prefer some partial shade but can handle full sun in some locations, such as along coasts. While some varieties are cold hardy to USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6, most need warmer winter weather.