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I ordered an assortment of Mexican Native Salivias. I can report this: I received top quality, large plants that were very well rooted, & pinched back. The plants were well well packaged & delivered exactly as scheduled. No soil jostled, no damaged leaves/stems. I'm impressed.Worth comment, too, is the impressive breadth of Salvia species, availability of plants offered, and site information / organization.
markus who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 3, 2012

I am a delighted returning customer. FBTS provides beautiful, healthy plants with friendly and fast service.
Jeremy who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 31, 2012

I just placed my second order of salvias as I was just so impreseed with the customer service, the fast delivery and the quality of the products and the packaging with the first order. I am a novice gardener and found the salvias a pleasant experience. All seven from the first order are doing very well in (transplanted) clay pots and I expect the second order to do the same. Thank you for your excellent customer service and product. SSK
Suzanne S Kusaba who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 27, 2012

i had never ordered plants online before, so i was very skeptical about the condition the plant would be in. When i received it, i was amazed...absolutely amazed! As promised, the plant was robustly healthy, carefully packaged (easily survived a very clumsy fedex guy dropping it right in front of me), and arrived within 2 days. Overall, excellent service and quality, this plant is simply gorgeous. I am definately referring to this company for any of my online plant purchases.
melinda loera who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 12, 2012

I received my plant yesterday and it had been damaged during shipping afterwards I emailed the company and got a reply that they had processed a refund for my purchase no problems the whole thing was very easy once I receive the refused I will definitely be making another purchase. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Eric Phipps who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 6, 2012

I ordered 2 Salvia plants on 06/10/12 and recieved them on 06/14/12; not only were the plants healthy, but Flowers By The Sea was generous enough to include a slightly different Salvia to me as a gift! Even better is the fact that I was interested in both to begin with. I placed my order here because of the lower cost of the item of interest to me... I'm glad I gave this company my business, and would recommend them to people interested in there beauties.
Jeremy who rated us 10 / 5 on Jun 13, 2012

I ordered 3 salvia apiana (white sage) plants and they came in right on time. The three plants were large with shoots coming off f them already and a healthy root system. I had ordered 3 of the same plants from another online grower and they came in almost dead and have since died. I give Flowers By The Sea an EXCELLENT and will order from them again!!!!!Thank you,Jessica
Jessica who rated us 10 / 5 on Jun 10, 2012

When I received my order the plant had snapped in half during shipping, I contacted them and told them about it and they promptly sent me a replacement that arrived in awesome condition! The plants were both very healthy and green despite the first one being broken. The quality of the plants was far above any other nursery I have ordered from.
Danny who rated us 10 / 5 on May 1, 2012

Plants were healthy, packaged very well and shipped on time. Fantastic selection of Salvias that promises to keep growing. Will continue to order from your site.
Suchie who rated us 10 / 5 on Apr 22, 2012

This is my second year ordering from this fine nursery. The plants are large and healthy, and the choices are spectacular! They were very well packed and shipping was very quick.
PS who rated us 10 / 5 on Apr 13, 2012

I ordered 4 salvia this year. All arrived GREEN and VIBRANT--no wilt and no breakage. By far the best plant packing I have seen...but most importantly, all the plants went into the ground and took perfectly.I love the selection! Please keep scouring the world for new salvias. Also love the blog!Scott
Scott who rated us 10 / 5 on Apr 6, 2012

I received my salvia order today. The plants look great and I can't wait to see them bloom. Loved your selection of rare salvias. Thank you.
Helena Hartje who rated us 10 / 5 on Mar 16, 2012

- Woohooo! Happy 1st day of snrpig! I love the variety of your work! Your portraits are captivating and your floral/natural pictures are so beautifully composed. I will check you out often and I wish you a lovely snrpig.
Carol who rated us 10 / 5 on Feb 25, 2012

Incredible customer service attended to by Kermit himself!Carole - Taylors/Greenville, SC
Carole Harrison who rated us 10 / 5 on Feb 25, 2012

My plants arrived quickly and they were in excellent health. So far, they are doing well in my yard despite the unusually dry weather we've had on the Monterey Peninsula this winter. I will definitely order from fbts again!
S. Morrow who rated us 10 / 5 on Feb 9, 2012

Beautiful plants well packed for winter delivery arrived in great shape, thank you!
Chris Malik who rated us 10 / 5 on Jan 26, 2012

My order came a couple of days ago and I had to write and thank you. The packing was some of the best I've seen and all the plants were large beautiful specimens, every single one arriving in excellent shape. I buy a lot of plants mail order and your nursery is at the top of my list! Thank you for the excellent job you do and your customer service is the best!
Karen Taylor who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 26, 2011

I was very impressed with the careful packing when I opened the box with my blue anise sage! 4 out of the 6 plants already had beautiful flowers! One stem had completely broken off at the base. I emailed fbts and got a prompt reply that it would be replaced. I will order from them in the future!
Shelly Hales who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 15, 2011

I recently received my very first order from Flowers by the Sea Nursery in Northern California. It won't be my last. I had researched a lot online about Salivas and although many of the more exciting varieties seemed suitable for my climate -- I knew no nursery that grew them -- meaning I would have to try growing them from seed (not exactly my first choice). Then I found Flowers by the Sea. What a treasure trove of Salvias! The sheer number of Saliva varieties and cultivars offered is almost mind boggling. Furthermore what impressed me about the FBTS website was the great care and detail they took in presenting their plant offerings and the helpfulness of the information provided.
I placed my order the very next day and received it within a week's time. The shipment of plants was the most expertly packed box I have ever received. Each plant was swaddled in multiple wrappings of heavy packing paper. The plants themselves were in large pots and had substantial top growth. Needless to say I am totally wowed by this very fine nursery. I look forward to dealing with them again in the near future.
Dan Tyson who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 15, 2011

WOW!!! I just received another shipment of plants froom FBTS. These plants are Beautiful. Perfect condition big healthy salvias!I can't say enough positive things about Kermit and Vikki. By far the best place to buy salvias from. I wouldn't think of buying elsewhere without seeing if they have the plant I am looking for first.I honestly cannot recommend them more highly. Don't hesitate to place an order here, you will not find better people to deal with anywhere.Rose
Rose Hodges who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 10, 2011

I just received another order of BeautifulSalvias from Flowers By The Sea. The plants are large and healthy in perfect condition. I really can not say enough positive things about Kermit and Vikki!You will not find better salvias or better service anywhere.I have ordered a number of thimes since I found their site earlier this year. The plants and the service have been the best I have ever received and I have a huge yard and order a lot of plants online.. I can't wait until next year when they have all settled in and are blooming. I haven't allowed them to bloom yet though they have tried.If you are looking for beautiful gorgeous salvias you are at the right place. I give FBTS my very highest recommendation.Rose
Rose Hodges who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 10, 2011

Got my order this afternoon. Everything was great, much better than I expected. Thanks for the extra keikis. Many of your keikis were bigger and more advanced than some 2 1/2-3 inch potted orchids I've received from other mail-order nurseries at 3 times the price.
Jay Press who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 6, 2011

I love you guys--the S. macrophylla started blooming flowers a few days after it arrived and so are the canariensis and radula that I ordered earlier in the month. They are absolutely gorgeous and I have no doubt they will thrive once planted in the ground. Thank you thank you!I also wrote a yelp review to help get your site out there :-)
BL who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 28, 2011

virginia furtado who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 12, 2011

I am a Salvia fanatic and have fell in love with this company and their amazing selection of unusual salvia. Keep them coming!!!!Colleen
colleen james who rated us 10 / 5 on Jun 18, 2011