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After our former pest control company stepped on our Salvia Buchananii, we spent weeks looking for a replacement. No local retailer or wholesaler could find anything. I finally stumbled on FBTS but I was concerned that they only had 4\" pots. My experience with that size is they are so small that the roots don't make it over a wet winter or hot summer. To my surprise, the 4\" plants from FBTS are bigger than most 1 gallon plants. The Salvia has been in the ground now a month or so and is blooming like crazy even though it is November.
David Jimenez who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 3, 2016

I received an invitation to comment on the salvia arizonica that I planted this fall. Normally, I decline opportunities to review products or services. FBTS is different. The salvia arizonica , salvia ultraviolet, salvia pozo blue, Furman's salvia greggii, salvia marine blue, and salvia darcyi were all received in excellent condition in the Texas panhandle through the brutal 2016 summer and the still warm fall. I was raised in a different time, place, and culture in the rural south where folks tended large gardens. My childhood chores included taking care of a quarter acre vegetable garden and a two acre yard which included 2 flower gardens. I never intended to become a Medicare aged gardener, but somehow am driven to make my yard bloom in spite of desiccating winds, suffocating heat, and caliche. All with little water and spectacular color that celebrates my Lord's creative work. So, I have used big box stores, local nurseries, distant specialty nurseries (bought my Birmingham palms in Oklahoma, etc.) and internet vendors. FBTS is the best. I don't understand how they grow, package, and ship plants so that they arrive in prime condition. In a previous career, I studied mathematics and I am sure that eventually I will buy a plant that does not look very good upon arrival, but I am still waiting for the first statistical outlier. The plant selection is without parallel. The shady strip behind the fence on the south side of the property? I had no clue that the Guadalupe Mountain canyons harbored salvia arizonica. The partly shaded understory beneath the row of Ketlar junipers can grow a big salvia tolerant to zone 5?????? Yes, salvia darcyi will flourish in partial shade. The hell strip by the sidewalk on the south side? Salvia ultraviolet will grow there, although I lost some in mid summer with blowing winds and temperatures over 100 degrees every day. Had a phone call one day and FBTS asked if they could delay shipment of plants due to the terrible weather. I remain stunned that somebody called me and helped me kill fewer plants. I work out of town most days of the week, and often neglect plant babies. Then I bought the salvia book by Betsy Clebsch and learned a little. FBTS has a vision and passion for plants and especially salvia. They have a quality product at a reasonable price. They have an incredible selection. They have solid customer service. I do have one quibble. I wish that salvia figueroa were available as the most cold tolerant salvia leucophylla. I have a few special spots where such a large specimen would be a joy. But this windblown and dry land requires more cold tolerance that the USDA zone classification suggests. But there are probably not very many customers on the Texas high plains who are trying to plant California gray sage. Congratulations for a job well done. Charles Hughes MD
Charles V Hughes who rated us 10 / 5 on Nov 1, 2016

We love our flower. They are doing great here in Oklahoma. Thank you so much for all your help.
Tim and Connie Robinson who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 18, 2016

We were very happy with the plants we ordered. We followed yoyr instructions and the plants are doing well
Michael Meiser who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 16, 2016

Everything arrived healthy. I like that the long blades of my kniphofia were wrapped in paper to protect them. The prices are good, so that even with the cost of shipping them across the country it was a little cheaper than some other places.
Kevin who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 13, 2016

Having a blast learning about salvias, reviewing, ordering and planting. Being recently retired, Flowers by The Sea has been a great source for the plants and keeps me out of the house... Thank you FBTS... Richard
Richard who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 11, 2016

The Salvia I ordered came in great shape, the size of the plants were large too. They are doing very well in new pots and I'll continue growing them in my green house for the winter. Love the rare salvias FBTS offers. Thank you.
Helena Hartje who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 9, 2016

My neighbor alerted me to this nursery in California that had salvias ideal for southeast Arizona. The plants arrived in slightly larger than normal tubes but the plants were gallon size in terms of their growth with some pushing 2 feet. I ordered hard to find more frost hardy pine forest salvias with hopes they will take the 20s down here. Plants were well packed and arrived 2 days after being shipped. I ordered in August for a delivery in early October to escape shipment during summer heat and all worked out well. A+ on all accounts.
Art Douglas who rated us 10 / 5 on Oct 7, 2016

I have made and received 2 orders from FBTS and have been very pleased. They have been nice, big plants and have adapted to the Oklahoma weather nicely. The last shipment was made when the weather was hot and the salvia plants looked liked they would rather have stayed in California but I planted them out quickly and they look very happy now. You can be sure I would not hesitate to order again.
Carol Wycoff who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 30, 2016

I've just received my first order from Flowers by the Sea and am so impressed with the size of the plants, their vitality and \"bushiess\" for small, 4 inch potted plants. The packaging was also impressive, and the directions for giving the plants a good start were very helpful. I will be buying more!
Teresa Wagner who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 26, 2016

We love our flower. They are doing great here in Oklahoma. Thank you so much for all your help.
Tim and Connie Robinson who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 25, 2016

I have neglected to say thank you for offering such a wonderful plant as the \"Salvia Amistad\". I ordered two of these last spring and and my hummers (hummingbirds) fight over them non - stop. Here we are almost at October and in Michigan that means those little jewels will be a memory soon. So I am already making plans for the butterfly / hummer garden next spring and at the top of the list are these Salvias. With all of that said I also need to commend Flowers by the Sea for their web site and the first class service they provide. All of my plants came in perfect condition, and folks thats a long trip from California to Michigan. I am already searching your web site for additions to the garden for next year. You BETTER have my favorite Salvia Amistad. Thank you for all that you do and the great service. You exceeded my expectations and thats a hard thing to do.
Dave Hayford who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 21, 2016

The plants arrive in great condition and have started growing without any problems. The whole experience was very favorable. I highly recommend them.
Dennis Murphree who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 10, 2016

The plants that Vicki and Kermit sent are amazing in their size and health! The shipping costs are high, and there must be a way to change the packaging. Still, if you want plants that are not available elsewhere, then you get the best from the Carters. Dave Sherron in Houston
dave sherron who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 10, 2016

Plants arrived in good condition Dug hole and planted salvias. Weeks later had new flowers on them Seem to be thriving. Will be anxious to see how they look next year Will definitely order more plants.
Timothy blosser who rated us 10 / 5 on Sep 4, 2016

I was really impressed with the quality and size of the plants. Within a week or so, the Salvias doubled in fullness, and blooming like crazy! Just beautiful plants!
Susan hartwig who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 31, 2016

I was quite impressed with the packaging of my plants and that they arrived so fresh & the soil still moist. I am excited to see how they'll grow for me.
jdw who rated us 8 / 5 on Aug 18, 2016

gorgeous large plants packed extremely well for cross country shipping they are very healthy and perky, ready to plant buds appeared the following week. now they are already blooming. they are so full they look as if they've been in the garden since spring!
cbzzt who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 18, 2016

I ordered two Salvia Amistad from FBTS. The plants arrived in great condition and the soil in the pots was still moist. I set them outside in partial sun to let them \"harden\" and in a couple of days replanted them in larger containers. They are flourishing and have more than tripled in size with lots and lots of gorgeous purple blooms. My hummingbirds love them! Thanks, FBTS!
Glenda Hawthorne who rated us 10 / 5 on Aug 15, 2016

Plants arrived in beautiful condition. After a few weeks in the ground the salvias are thriving, blooming and attacking hummingbirds.
Joyce Stansell-Wong who rated us 8 / 5 on Aug 7, 2016

I have ordered several times from Flowers By The Sea and would highly recommend them if you would like to receive well grown plants of excellent quality. The plants are always a good size, not puny sticks like many nurseries send. Despite my orders being shipped across country, they arrive in great shape due to being packed with care. I am so happy I found Flowers By The Sea.
dolores waddell who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 29, 2016

I just received my first order from FBTS and I could not be more pleased. The plants have traveled into our North Carolina 98-96 degree weather for 2-3 days and they look as fresh as they would have if I'd bought them locally! Will definitely share the info with family and friends.
Jimmy Speas who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 27, 2016

I am very happy with my experience with Flowers by the Sea. Ordering was easy and the plants arrived in great shape. Thank you!
Cheryl Dodes who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 25, 2016

Both plants arrived quickly and in healthy condition. They are growing quickly and beautifully. The one is blossoming and the hummingbirds like it. Very good value for the price and service.
Margaret Paul who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 22, 2016

I am always so pleased with the plant orders I receive from you. Considering you are shipping from the west coast to the east coast, it is remarkable the plants arrive in such good condition. They always are also very healthy looking. Thanks so much for the wonderful Salvias you grow and provide.
Randy Collins who rated us 10 / 5 on Jul 17, 2016