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California Native Sage Picture Gallery

Flowers by the Sea cultivates hardy, drought-tolerant plants California gardeners need for conservation and colorful wildlife garden design. We specialize in Salvias, including ones native to a broad swath of the West Coast from Northern Baja to Southern Oregon. This area is referred to as the California Floristic Province and has a mild, Mediterranean climate characterized by wet winters and dry summers.

The California natives detailed below are all drought resistant and many tolerate heat. They are well suited to low water xeriscapes, including dry gardens in which plants must survive despite almost no supplemental watering.

Most of these species need full sun while others love or at least tolerate partial shade. All need soil that drains well. They range from short, creeping groundcovers to herbaceous shrubs that reach up to five feet tall and are arranged according to color. All are among the best deer-resistant plants.